Jul. 31st, 2010

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The last thing I posted was in May. Um. Well.

House is coming together. slowly. Tomorrow it will be coming together more as we rent a van and go pick up a ton of bookshelves and a grill and some insulation. We're at the point where it's easy to live in the house even though there are still many things in boxes, so unpacking has tapered off rapidly.

My parents came up to visit in June. That was fun (and I do mean fun and not sarcasm).

I recently geeked out about the last Scott Pilgrim book which came out a couple of weeks ago, and I am expecting to geek out about the movie in a couple of weeks. (I do highly recommend the comics!)

There was also much nerding out about the info about the next Avatar series that came out during Comicon (tell me this does not look badass). (I hope none of you saw The Last Airbender. And I really hope none of you will let M. Night keep you from watching the show. Because it is awesome. If you have Netflix, you can apparently watch the whole series on Instant Watch.)

Jerry and I went to see Mike Evin last night, who was fantastic as usual. It was in a cafe setting, so Mike was up near the front window and the door was open, and when Mike had the audience all singing/clapping/stomping along it was really fun to see people walk by in one direction, look in curiously, and then walk back past the window in the other direction, pause, and then just come in to watch. (Some guy who presumably couldn't stop walked past the window clapping over his head during "We Should Dance".)
In case anyone's curious, Mike hasn't heard anything one way or the other about S&D. He suggested possibly reminding the folks at Sixthman that he exists.

Oh, and speaking of S&D, apparently Great Big Sea is going to be on board after all. For those of you that are interested, plan accordingly. ;)


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