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I saw a woodchuck today. How about you?
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My favorite, ever since I started learning the language, is sacapuntas (pencil sharpener in Spanish), since it sounds so very much like it ought to be a swear.

I also really like the construction of pez and pescado; pez is a live fish, and pescado means literally "the fished" -- that is, what you eat.
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Google Squared, the dadaist search engine.

Toronto neighbourhoods.
Concert venues hamilton.

And even when most of the rows make sense, the columns are amusing. (Did you know that the Magic Kingdom is published by Capcom?)
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So last week was Week One of my time here at Secret Project Z. It was... well, let me explain.

I apparently picked a very good time to start, as last week was Staff Appreciation Week. As previously mentioned, the very first thing I did on Monday was have breakfast. On Tuesday, there were massages. On Wednesday, there was lunch and random door prizes (I got a bottle of wine -- Jackson-Triggs, actually, which a) neat but b) I don't really *like* wine). On Thursday, there was coffee and donuts (Timmy's, naturally), and everyone got these really nice fleece pullovers. And on Friday, there was a wine and cheese tasting.

Sooooo. Yeah. I have to keep reminding myself that all this won't be happening every week.

Other than that, it's been kind of hurry up and wait. There are 4 main offices here (and people we support outside of there), and lots of people at all of them that I have to meet. My boss seems to be pretty constantly running all over the place, and I've only really gotten to see him for half an hour a day, so there's a lot of stuff I haven't gotten to go over (like, half the stuff I'm supposed to be supporting). So I get enormous infodumps and then I'm left to my own devices at my desk for the rest of the day.

Everyone has been really nice and friendly though. It's been neat. So far it seems like I've really lucked out. We'll see how that holds up!
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Okay, this is pretty damn awesome. (It doesn't hurt that World of Goo's music is already pretty damn awesome.)
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The things you find when wandering around the mp3 store on Amazon...
I had seen a link to a bunch of free sampler CDs from various indie labels, so I decided to peek around and see what else was free. There's the Apples in Stereo song from the Colbert/Decemberists shred-off episode. There are some random live GBS songs (off of their live CDs, nothing new afaik) that supposedly will be available at the end of the month. Which led me to see what GBS was available -- including a couple of songs that I hadn't ever seen before, two from an EP that I didn't know existed....

And one from a kid's album I've never heard of that includes this line in the preview:
"Sharks can play with penguins and become... special friends."

Yes. Special.
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This is hilarious (BSG spoilers).
This is also pretty hilarious.

Not hilarious but real and awesome, Avatar wins a Peabody.
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Dude. You guys. This is awesome, y/y?
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Spoilers, obviously... )
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Not that I normally care about this, but the design aspects are interesting here: Apple announced a new ipod shuffle today. Most of the discussion about it seems to be about how they've moved the controls off the shuffle itself and onto the earbuds. Which...okay, it doesn't bug me too much, but that's annoying for if they break or if you don't like the earbuds. I'm surprised people haven't started yelling about how they've changed the controls to ONLY HAVE ONE CONTROL BUTTON.

You can see the new control scheme here (go down to "Easy Access Controls" and click on the image). (ETA: Here's the official Apple documentation.)
You single click to play or pause a song. You double click to go forwards a song or triple click to go back a song. And if you hold down the button, it'll say the artist and track name. And if you hold down the button until you hear a tone, it'll cycle through your playlists.

Gee, it couldn't be simpler.

And somewhere in the future, a thousand people at the gym stab furiously at their goddamn piece of crap music players that don't fucking do what they want.
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So the Washington Post keeps their own database of congressional votes.

And on it they offer a few headings to use to sort the vote totals. You've got by party (obviously), by state (duh), by region (slightly redundant, but okay), by boomer status (kind of random, but could potentially be telling on certain votes), by gender (sure)............... and by astrological sign.

o/~ one of these things is not like the others o/~

(This is old news, I guess, but I just noticed it today.)
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How to demonstrate you are completely unfamiliar with the source material: do a story revealing that Watchmen is unlikely to have a sequel.
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So I sit down at the computer fresh from ignoring Jindal's folksy act and ready to catch up on all the not-SOTU liveblogs that I know are finished and kicking around on my RSS feeds and on Twitter.

And then I get blindsided.

I'm...not as up on the gossip as a lot of people. And maybe I'm just oblivious. But there was nowhere in my mind that this was even a possibility.

Just.... Fuck.
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Okay, if you don't have it, go buy Old 97's - Wreck Your Life. It's $2 today on Amazon. Two bucks. It's probably cheaper than a coffee. And you get high-quality DRM-free MP3s. And it's such an amazing album.

Also, I am incredibly jealous of Xbox/PS3 Rock Band people -- they're coming out with an Alt Country pack this week, which includes a live version of Time Bomb. I hope it comes to Wii soon, trying to keep up with Rhett on there would be so much damn fun.
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WaPo's The Fix blog:
Canada's Best: In honor of the president's trip to our neighbor to the north, we offer the Fix list of the best things about Canada: Steve Nash, John Candy, all of the "Kids in the Hall," Rachel McAdams, Wayne Gretzky, the Canadian national anthem, Mike Myers, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Arcade Fire, Joshua Jackson (he'll always be Pacey Witter to me and Mrs. Fix), "Dead or Canadian?" and Alex Trebek. The worst thing about Canada? That's easy: the Bare Naked Ladies.

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Dude. You guys. How come nobody told me TAR was starting up on Sunday? Now I have to go track down the first episode from somewhere. (And the TV list grows even longer.......)
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.....Yeah, I was on vacation for two weeks there, hence the no posts. I'm back now, obviously. ;) Still working on my post covering the vacation, and I really want to get up at least something since I apparently didn't put up hardly anything the last two cruises.

I am 2-3 weeks behind on TV. Careful about BSG chat plzkthx.

Also, it is really weird seeing huge sponsorship for Watchmen during the Daytona 500. They showed a TV spot during a break in the race at one point and the crawl of the driver positions had the movie name up there for a while afterwards. ....I'm getting the impression that the studio has no clue how to market it to the general public (their internet stuff on the other hand is pretty great) so they've just decided "Oh hey, it's got superheroes, so we'll just treat it like our other superhero movies and throw a ton of money at the advertising."


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