Nov. 24th, 2009 08:23 pm
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I would embed this, but you really should go watch it on the Youtube site, since they have it in HD.

It is the most awesome thing.
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I was going to be all clever about this in some fashion, but it's not working, so... as Jerry mentioned already, I'm now a permanent resident of Canada. Officially and everything! Woo!

More elaboration when I'm feeling a bit more coherent.
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Happy birthday to me! Thanks for well-wishes, people.

Today itself hasn't been too exciting, but it's been a good birthday for stuff:
  • The Eee (eee!)
  • A sewing machine (we returned the other one)
  • A bunch of DVDs (these aren't actually birthday gifts, but they arrived from Amazon the other day so it's like they are)
  • BBQ at Phil's this weekend
  • aaaaand.... Permanent Residency. My parents got a letter from the consulate this weekend requesting my passport. Yay!

In other news, one of the DVDs that arrived the other day was the new TMBG kids album, and the first line of one of the songs is (seriously) "Nine bowls of soup are balanced on the end of a rake on an ichthyosaur's head." Oh TMBG, don't ever change.
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Uh, so, somehow this never came up on LJ beforehand, but.... I got married yesterday. (To Jerry. Obviously.)
We had cupcakes and Muppet music and a shiny shiny dress and the Staircase and an awesome sunny day and family and friends and and and. It was generally pretty awesome.
There will be plenty of pictures and further details and so on later this week, no worries; just thought I should mention it before I get sidetracked trying catch up with the rest of the world (and my Tivo) from the last several days. ;)
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You know the cruise was awesome when...

Disney World is fun, but you'd really rather be elsewhere.
The world has only just stopped rocking.
You're still listening to classic rock stations and going, "Oh dude, I bet they wish they'd come up with that on Thursday." And then just giggling randomly.
You keep coming up with different ways to finish this sentence.

Disney is awesome however. The cruise was just more so.

More on Wednesday or Thursday when I get back.


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