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Happy Canada Day! I'm celebrating by...well, not really doing anything different. But I'm wearing my pixel maple leaf shirt. That's something, right?

We actually bought a little apple pie for Friday. I was joking about the blasphemy of not having one for the fourth while we were shopping in Fortino's yesterday and it ended up sounding tasty.
I would have bought a convenience store apple pie or two instead for the silliness factor, but they appear to either be yet another thing that you can't get up here or else Jerry's just never noticed them (and also they don't have them at Fortino's). Seriously, what is wrong with this country. ;)
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I was going to be all clever about this in some fashion, but it's not working, so... as Jerry mentioned already, I'm now a permanent resident of Canada. Officially and everything! Woo!

More elaboration when I'm feeling a bit more coherent.
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Happy birthday to me! Thanks for well-wishes, people.

Today itself hasn't been too exciting, but it's been a good birthday for stuff:
  • The Eee (eee!)
  • A sewing machine (we returned the other one)
  • A bunch of DVDs (these aren't actually birthday gifts, but they arrived from Amazon the other day so it's like they are)
  • BBQ at Phil's this weekend
  • aaaaand.... Permanent Residency. My parents got a letter from the consulate this weekend requesting my passport. Yay!

In other news, one of the DVDs that arrived the other day was the new TMBG kids album, and the first line of one of the songs is (seriously) "Nine bowls of soup are balanced on the end of a rake on an ichthyosaur's head." Oh TMBG, don't ever change.


Sep. 12th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Dammit. UPS and/or Canada customs are holding two boxes of my stuff hostage. They have my YARN.

This must be resolved soon.
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I just opened up a Coke (first one I've had up here! I'm being good!) and went "Man, this tastes really good!" And then I remembered that it actually has sugar in it up here, which probably explains why it tastes so good. (Actually, my first thought was "This tastes like a Frozen Coke!" I blame Sam's. Do Frozen Cokes use sugar in them still? Google is unexpectedly silent on this important issue.)

I actually cast off on Jerry's scarf today. The one that's been in the works for two years. ...At least I'm in time for this winter? The good thing about having none the rest of of my yarn here is that I've been forced to work on the scarf more regularly (although I really only did about the last 3 or 4 stripes here).
I have to admit, Jerry had to run into town the other day, so we stopped off at Kensington Market so I could see it and so I could also stop by Lettuce Knit (where I was mostly good and only bought a skein of Malabrigo (mmmmmmmmmm) and a skein of some Greek mercerized cotton).
While we were in town, we also hit up Phil's BBQ again, where we consumed large platefuls of meat (and the beans were better than I remembered them being).

Now I have to figure out what to do with my leftover yarn in the case of the scarf (1.5 skeins of each color -- Jerry wants a headband, so some of that is going towards that, but I'm still trying to figure out how that's going to work what with sizing up and also whether I want to attempt any colorwork or stripes or just leave it plain), and with the new yarn (I'm thinking maybe a beanie for me with the cotton, and I may just keep the Malabrigo around to pet. ;)).

Also: Guh. Ravelry invite please! <Colbert grabby hands>


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