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The last thing I posted was in May. Um. Well.

House is coming together. slowly. Tomorrow it will be coming together more as we rent a van and go pick up a ton of bookshelves and a grill and some insulation. We're at the point where it's easy to live in the house even though there are still many things in boxes, so unpacking has tapered off rapidly.

My parents came up to visit in June. That was fun (and I do mean fun and not sarcasm).

I recently geeked out about the last Scott Pilgrim book which came out a couple of weeks ago, and I am expecting to geek out about the movie in a couple of weeks. (I do highly recommend the comics!)

There was also much nerding out about the info about the next Avatar series that came out during Comicon (tell me this does not look badass). (I hope none of you saw The Last Airbender. And I really hope none of you will let M. Night keep you from watching the show. Because it is awesome. If you have Netflix, you can apparently watch the whole series on Instant Watch.)

Jerry and I went to see Mike Evin last night, who was fantastic as usual. It was in a cafe setting, so Mike was up near the front window and the door was open, and when Mike had the audience all singing/clapping/stomping along it was really fun to see people walk by in one direction, look in curiously, and then walk back past the window in the other direction, pause, and then just come in to watch. (Some guy who presumably couldn't stop walked past the window clapping over his head during "We Should Dance".)
In case anyone's curious, Mike hasn't heard anything one way or the other about S&D. He suggested possibly reminding the folks at Sixthman that he exists.

Oh, and speaking of S&D, apparently Great Big Sea is going to be on board after all. For those of you that are interested, plan accordingly. ;)

"Oh lord"

Dec. 6th, 2008 11:44 pm
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BNL at Massey Hall. It was my first time being there, and it was a pretty awesome show for the most part. We were a little bit farther back than most of the fanclub people (row I, so 10 or so back, I would assume), and we got in a little bit late because the merch stand didn't accept credit cards (wtf) and we had to go get cash from an ATM across the way... so we were mostly antisocial. We waved at a couple of you guys who were there, but that was about it. Pretty good setlist (other people will post the actual thing in a day or so at the latest -- the ones that stick in my mind as more unusual were Tonight is the Night and In the Car/I'll Be That Girl), everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood, amusing banter, etc.


To the numerous and/or extremely vocal people sitting in the area behind us who were yelling and/or whispering loudly for people to sit down and clapping whenever they happened to (to the point where it may be audible on the bootleg when Ed starts "Snowman" because a lot of people sat down at that point):

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It snowed today -- first snow to stick here.
Saw Great Big Sea tonight here in Hamilton. They played Process Man. It was good times.
Tiiiiiired now.
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So, 97's on Friday. Lots of fun.... )

Today I didn't do a whole lot. Went to work and did paperwork. Came back and had some BBQ with Sandra before returning to Tivoed Amazing Race and Drive. Thank you to Fox for the 2 hours of Nathan Fillion on my birthday. It was much appreciated. (Drive looks to be another fluffy exciting fun as hell show and is going to be perfect for me paired on Monday with Heroes which falls into the exact same category. Yay for more TV to fill up my Tivo.)
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Guster in Austin at Stubb's again last night.

Sandra and I headed out of here at about 2 or 3, and got stuck in some crazy traffic in Bastrop for no apparent reason. There must have been an accident or something, because there was a backup for miles. Eventually we made it out (after a stop at the ATM and HEB for earplugs), and proceeded on to Bookpeople, where we killed an hour, and then walked over to Whole Foods to find something to eat.

We headed off to I35 and parked and walked over to Stubb's where I was surprised to see the words "Sold Out" stuck up on the ticket window -- I don't think any of the concerts I've ever been to at Stubb's before have sold out. We picked up our tickets from Will Call and wandered on in to be confronted by a freaking ton of people. After boggling for a couple of minutes and doing a quick wander by the booths at the back, we waded in and ended up a few feet in front of the light board, where we watched The Format who were... uh... rather not my thing. At all. (In fact, I think I had one of my first ever "You kids get off my lawn" moments, as I was watching them and wishing they would a) get a goddamn haircut and b) face the audience when they're playing at least a majority of the time, rather than playing at the video-camera guy they had up on stage for whatever reason.) They had a lot of vocal fans there though -- so much so that I was mildly concerned that a large portion of the audience only showed up for them. After their set, Sandra and I removed our earplugs and went "...Okay then," and decided to try to move a bit closer.

The Guster part of the show, thankfully, was pretty awesome. Ryan seemed very happily geeked about how many people there were. Joe actually talked once, and made an awful joke (he was wearing a newsboyish cap and "a friend of mine told me I looked like an old newsboy, and I said, 'yup, that's me, delivering the old news.'" There was a beat and then Ryan just started clapping to encourage him because otherwise he won't talk on stage again.) And Brian sang "Always on My Mind" at the end.

I realized after the show that Steph is going to be jealous because they didn't play Fa Fa.

While it was nice that the show was sold out and the crowd seemed excited and seemed to know the songs fairly well, it did mean that it was very very crowded, and I did quite a lot of coughing and gulping down air whenever a clear breeze came by when the two girls right next to me started smoking pot. Fortunately they left or moved or something after a couple of songs. I expect the pot and all at concerts, but I can't deal with it when I'm practically standing on top of the people smoking.
But the crowd was mostly good and that always helps make a show more fun.

After the concert, we headed off to Magnolia Cafe, as is the custom, and then we got back to CS at about 2:30.
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BNL show: very awesome. Also very cold. (High yesterday in College Station: 87. Temp at outdoor concert in Austin tonight: ~45 and quite likely lower than that. I knew it was going to be colder today, but dang. I was very glad I decided to bring along a hat at the last minute.)

Definitely the best banter I've gotten to see personally. The day off beforehand seemed pretty evident in the energy level. I laughed so much at Steve spending large chunks of time being incredulous about the shopping center because I actually missed the turn into the Backyard since I was like, "Oh, that can't be it, all that's by the Backyard is that gas station with a Subway." (Last time we went, that was honestly the only identifiable feature of the area, which was kind of annoying, but also kind of cool, cause that was sort of the whole thing with the "backyard" aspect. Now, you walk out of the venue and the first thing you see is a Best Buy. And there was absolutely not even a hint of any of this being built at all the last time they played there.) Kevin started singing Day-O before... Unfinished, I think. The first Million Dollars banter was really long and ended up with some really horrible puns. And Ty enjoyed pandering to the local crowd with the rock horns.

And we got Some Fantastic and A and Grade 9 and acoustic LIAN (with bongos!) and a really good When I Fall. (We also got Baby Seat and Shoebox, which I was less excited about, but the other songs made up for them.) Nothing as surprising as The Flag last time around, but very excellent stuff.

The Backyard, in addition to now being in the middle of a shopping center, is a lot smaller than I remember it being, and the rows and the seats were way too narrow, which was not so nice, and I ended up having to do the old Kyle Field thing of standing sort of sideways.
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That was pretty awesome.

Rambling and setlist )
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Well, that was pretty awesome. I headed out of work today early, got stuck in traffic in College Station, was terribly paranoid about not getting places on time, picked up Amy, got up to Austin, and had 20 minutes to spare before the 97's hit the stage. We missed the opener, but whatever. (I only stopped being quite so nervous about timing once we were walking by the back of the stage of Stubb's and saw Ken wandering around.)

Really good show, a little slow at the beginning, but great by the end. (Over the Cliff! I love Over the Cliff!) And the audience, while less awesome than the one last time (although my perception may be different because we were a bit farther back today), did a good job of singing along on pretty much everything.

Songs played (vaguely ordered):
The Other Shoe
Melt Show
Mama Tried
Buick City Complex
The New Kid
Designs on You
West Texas Teardrops
Murder (or a Heart Attack)
Streets of Where I'm From
Old Familiar Steam
Rolling Stone From Texas (Don Walser cover)
Busted Afternoon
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Rollerskate Skinny
Barrier Reef
King of All the World
Four-Leaf Clover
Question (Canadian version ;) (Rhett sang a couple of the verses in French))
Help Me Suzanne
Valentine (this was awesome with the audience singing along)
Big Brown Eyes
Won't Be Home
Over the Cliff
(They did the standard two-encore thing, so there were more songs than this here, but I don't remember what exactly was in them in what order after the acoustic parts.)

I tried to make some phone posts, but apparently I hadn't remembered the key sequences right. :( (They probably wouldn't have come out though, it was pretty bass-y by us. <hopes for a boot>)

PS: Rhett cut his hair! (Finally. He looks much better with hair that isn't shoulder length.)

SXSW '06

Mar. 18th, 2006 01:35 pm
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Yesterday was fun, even though a series of problems caused us to arrive about 20 minutes into Josh Ritter's set (boo!). We did get to hear (the very end of) Snow is Gone, Harrisburg, Wings, Golden Age of Radio, Kathleen, and I think another that I'm forgetting. And I think seeing it live finally got me to fall for Wings, which I hadn't ever really been fond of before. Someday I am going to finally get to see a full show of his. <shakes fist>

Basically Josh's set was the extent of our live music entertainment for the night, actually. We hung around for the Little Willies because I'd been intrigued by what I'd heard of them (which was not much), but the crowd was annoying, Amy was clearly massively bored, and I wasn't really getting into it either, so we headed back off to the bus just as they were finishing their set. We did get really nice free posters for the show, a little bag and coozie, and some free ice cream, so yay free stuff. Then we wandered over to Bookpeople and Waterloo, did a bit of shopping, and then I was a massive idiot and turned onto 5th to get to 35. Good plan there, Sarah. It took us about 30 or 45 minutes to get to the highway.

I'm currently trying to figure out what I'm doing tonight though.

1. Stubb's: someone, Rhett, "Special Guest", Lyle Lovett, Pretenders.
+ Rhett is awesome, possible 97's-age, I like Stubb's.
- Don't know other people that well, show will probably be pretty busy, Stubb's is outside (70% POP in Austin tonight, although they might be revising that forecast) and I hate getting rained on. Also, Rhett will be playing a full show on April 1 in Dallas, so I could see him then and for longer.

2. Capitol Place: 3 girls with guitars, guy with guitar, and then the Six Shooter bands that I don't really know but I'm sure I'll like from what I've heard.
- Possibility of acoustic guitar music that will bore me to death (judging by some of the songs on websites). High possibility I'd end up going on my own.
+ Indoors, easy (but probably expensive) parking, possibility of new bands I might like (judging by some of other songs on websites), also possibility that it won't just be a series of "someone on a stool with an acoustic guitar" (judging by the fact that Britt Daniel will be accompanying one of the people and that all the girls with guitars also sometimes play with bands), also getting to put music to names.

3. Stubb's then Capitol Place:
- Either have to move the car or walk (in rain?) to show and to car, have to pay for two showcases, no possibility of new music, possibility of missing bands I'd like to see due to traffic or getting lost.
+ Get to see bands I'd like to see.

4. Stay in CS and watch Dr. Who from last night:
+ No driving, cheap, TV geekiness, can hang out with Amy and Sandra. The biggest thing in favor of this is that I wouldn't have to worry about possibly starting out from Austin after 2 AM.
- No concerts.


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