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So I'm making some hummus soon, and I decided to make chickpeas from dried, so I'm going to have a bunch more than I need for the recipe I'm using. So...

Anyone have any favorite recipes using chickpeas?
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Okay, so I'm apparently over a year late on this bandwagon, but No-Knead Bread is very tasty! And I like the recipe quite a bit. So easy. All it takes really is a little bit of planning (like, deciding you want bread the next day, making sure you have all of the four ingredients, and mixing up the dough the evening before) and about half an hour of time about 4 hours before you want to eat it (with five minutes here or there at at about 3 points afterwards). You probably don't even need a mixer.

I apparently did too much reading online and was paranoid about it sticking to everything, so I was...overzealous, shall we say, with my flouring. Which means I have a thick layer of flour all over the top, bottom, and sides of the loaf. Not as tasty. Oops. I didn't really need to worry about it sticking to either the towel or our new very nice enamelled cast-iron dutch oven (hooray sale at Canadian Tire!), it slid right out of both. I think the towel obviously needed some flouring, but not as much as I put on there, and the dutch oven didn't need anything. (Hands are an entirely different story though, and I thank the commenters in various places online that recommended using a wet spatula to manipulate the dough, because otherwise I would have ended up with a very bad case of club hand (tm AB).)
I think mine turned out a bit taller than some (thankfully; I'm not fond of more flat loaves), because rather than leaving it on the counter for the second rise, I plopped it in a conveniently-sized pot that was on the stove, allowing it to rise up more than out. A lot of people suggest just throwing it in a Pam-ed glass bowl for the rise. I may try that next time since the pot is not likely to be as conveniently placed again. ;)
My main problem other than the overflouring is that I dirtied a lot of dishes, but I think that probably has to do more with this being my first time making it.

I first tried making some bread a couple of weeks ago (to try out my new mixer!), off of a generic recipe online, which came out just okay. Very heavy (all we had was whole wheat flour, so...yeah). And it stuck to the bottom of the pan, which made serving not fun. It tasted all right, but not nearly as good as the no-knead stuff.
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Liked tonight's Studio 60 better than last week's (everything is better with a Pirates-no-not-that-one parody), which is good because I wasn't sure if it was going to get dropped eventually due to my overly busy TV-watching schedule. Still liked Heroes okay (I saw the pilot...uh, a while ago), but it has the potential for both good and awful in it, and I'm not sure which way it'll end up going. We'll see. I was amused at how verdant "Odessa" became for TV. (And I bet a lot of you thought it looked dry. ;))

I had about 20 packets of Arby's sauce lying around on my kitchen table, and for whatever reason, I got it in my head some time ago that it would make an interesting marinade (hey, it's vinegary, it should work, right?). Tonight we ended up trying it out. Sandra loaded up 3 chicken breasts and 8 packets of Arby's sauce, and we busted out the old George Foreman, and.... it turned out rather well.

This weekend was fun. Sandra and Amy had a couple of tickets to the football game (Amy had decided not to go), and so I thought about it for a bit. (I neglected to mention this, but two weeks ago, I accompanied the estimable [ profile] stevenharper-no-not-that-one to the football game against "U La-La" (University of Louisiana - Lafayette), which was fun.) But since I had gone to a football game already, I had kind of gotten out of my antsiness of wanting to see what they'd done to the stadium and all. Friday, had dinner with Amy, Shane, and Sandra and watched TV and things, and Sandra and I decided that we'd probably skip out on the game. We tried to give Enos our tickets, but he was "sick" or somesuch. Saturday, Sandra and I decided to watch some TV and go shopping. We hit Red Lobster, and then the shopping center, which meant that I ended up with books from B&N, a $2 case for my ipod from work, and a 120 GB HD from Best Buy (yeah, I know, probably not the cheapest, but it was cheap enough, it's here, and it's bigger than both my current drives combined). Then we noticed the giant thunderstorm brewing outside and hightailed it back to Sandra's to finish watching BSG (and other stuff). Halfway through Lay Down Your Burdens P1 (at about 6:15), it started pouring and lightning like crazy. We were rather glad we didn't go to the game. (Not least because they only resumed play around 8. They were still running buses back to the mall at 1 AM when I drove home!)

Sandra is all caught up on BSG now. Hooray! I have someone to geek out at it with! :)


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