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For those of you who don't do the Twitter thing, I found this mildly encouraging.

I really need to make a "OMGBOAT!!!" icon or something of the sort at some point.
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We're back, finally!

Long drive there, boat, Disney, shuttle, long drive back. Details to follow -- we just got back this evening, so I'm still catching up here and probably will be for the next couple of days.

Apologies if I didn't say hi or get to talk to any of you guys much on the boat. I feel extra spacey about some of my interactions with people in hindsight. :-\

Now off to continue reading things and recovering from this sinus infection I acquired several days ago.
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Am, man. I had been looking forward to GH this time around on the cruise; I bought GH2 about a week after I got home and so I had lots of time to play it and GH1 in College Station with Sandra (I've 5-starred up to the next-to-last tier on Hard on GH2), and thus was looking forward to coming in with Jerry and being a ringer this time around.

But I really hate GH 80's. It's a cash grab (costs as much as a full GH game with half the songs and recycled artwork) *and* I don't like the setlist. Hair metal. Blah. I even went back to the game post-email to look at it (I'd played up to the last two tiers on hard, but that's it), and ended up beating it on hard and I'm still meh on the whole thing. I don't really like any of the last tier except Play With Me, which is okay. The only song I really love to play is Synchronicity II, which is in the middle of the setlist and thus is probably too hard for qualifying but too easy for the finals. Other than that, there are a few songs I'm okay with, but I don't like them well enough to want to practice them, or even enough to want to really play them much.
That being said, if I can play Synchronicity II every time, I'll kick ass (I think I was probably 10 notes away from gold starring it on hard earlier) and be happy. But I don't think they're likely to let me do that. <g>

I figured it'd be GH3 or even Rock Band this time around, either of which I probably would have been okay with (I'd prefer Rock Band to GH3 just because I like the setlist better, and from what I hear the note charts are more sane), but 80's is just...bleh.

I mean, I'll probably still try to sign up for it, but... apparently I felt the need to join in on the bitching. ;)
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So the cruise schedule popped up while I was up in Canada. Personally, I'm totally okay with the amount of stuff that's going on and all, since the other cruises I've been on have been tremendously fun for lazing about luxouriously and for going snorkeling/sight-seeing, but not really terribly exciting in terms of things going on on the boat. So a cruise where I have very high amounts of interest in multiple events each day gets a thumbs up from me. And getting to finally meet/hang out with people I've known for years is bonus awesomeness. And on top of that, Jerry will be there too.

I think we will be sitting out the prom night though. ;) (We're going to the second BNL show, and neither of us would mind seeing one/both of the Guster shows, so that's our night "off.")

Has anyone figured out the connection for Matt White? Or did he just get bumped from the Rock Boat and got S&D as a consolation prize? ;)


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