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Taking a break from homework for more random BSG thoughts! )

It's really weird (and also awesome) to get to see Firefly again on TV, even if Scifi has for no apparent reason decided to air it fullscreen (yeah, you know that shot with Mal and Simon on the catwalk from the pilot? It was just Simon and the catwalk on Friday with the disembodied voice of Mal) and has somehow screwed up the sound so that the sound effects and the score are turned up and all the voices are muffled.

They also showed the new Serenity trailer, which is much better than the first US one, but I like the international one best, I think. They did include one of my favorite exchanges from the movie in this one though, so yay for that. ;)

I do also appreciate that this second US one didn't namedrop Joss Whedon or Buffy. The movie is good on its own merits. Plus, I think it's smart marketing. A lot of people are prejudiced against Joss or Buffy (or don't have any idea what they are, or don't care), so not mentioning either of those allows them to be open-minded. And all the stories about the movie going to be mentioning Joss, plus I think the news has percolated around the fan groups reasonably well, so people who would want to see it based on the connection will have plenty of opportunities to find out about it if they haven't already.
I hope Universal starts cranking up the marketing machine for this soon. What they've done so far has been good (and it makes me happy to finally see a marketing campaign for something I like that isn't totally incompetent), there just needs to start being more.
(And I do think I can see the cogs starting to turn, so more yay.)

I am very happy with Fox for starting to have two-hour blocks of Arrested Development on Friday, cause that fits exactly in between Firefly and BSG. I had seen a couple of these episodes already, but I had missed most of the first season, and I think I saw these out of order.
Also, Charlie Brown Christmas music. Hee.
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Okay, it's pimping time!

The first episode of Firefly will be on SciFi Channel tonight at 7 PM Eastern / 6 Central. (And all the other episodes will be aired in that timeslot in the weeks afterwards.)

You guys have been hearing me blather about how awesome the show is since it was on the first time around. So, if you haven't seen it, watch it.

(If you have seen it, you get the experience of actually seeing commercials in the commercial breaks! ;) Not to mention maybe getting to see the introductory blurb ("Here's how it is...") for the first time in forever.)

Oh, and the new international Serenity trailer? Sexy.
So much better than the US one.


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