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Dear LJ,
Yes, it's been a while since I've posted something.

So what has got me back here to post instead of just reading...? Take a guess. I'll give you a multiple choice:
A) Fantastic vacation with my family in WDW
B) Christmas/holidays
C) House-hunting
D) House-buying
E) I took pictures of fish I want to show off. Not real fish, mind you. Virtual fish. On the Wii.

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If you haven't played a Monkey Island before, today is a good day to fix that.
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Okay, this is pretty damn awesome. (It doesn't hurt that World of Goo's music is already pretty damn awesome.)
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Random blips:

Wall-E was amazing and wonderful and I want to see it again and I kind of really want the soundtrack also. I have a feeling I spent almost the entire movie making little "eee!" noises. And the random BNL all over the place was pretty hilarious.

The Amazon MP3 store is very nice and handy, and they have a Linux download client. Thumbs up to that! If you didn't know, they have a special every day where one album is cheap (usually $3), and they tend to be pretty decent with a varied selection. If you're on Twitter, so are they (also you can look there to get an idea of the kinds of things that go for cheap).

I read Boatmurdered recently, and despite being somewhat confused and terrified by the screenshots, I subsequently fell headfirst into Dwarf Fortress, which is... uh... a sim, sort of, I guess. The Boatmurdered link does a decent job of describing it. There's a wiki for the game that has a couple of good tutorials (and a lot of otherwise uber-handy information) if any of you get interested as well. Also, if you're afraid of trying to learn to understand the Matrix, there's a version of the game with more graphics prebuilt here. Also also, I apparently have good timing since there's going to be a new version of the game coming out tomorrow or the day after that. (Hey, it's a one-man dev team. What can you do?)

Here's the only really interesting story I have so far in my current fortress: A little while ago, I had a fisherdwarf, who was a fairly recent immigrant, be taken by a strange mood. She commandeered the craftsdwarf's workshop, and ended up building a scepter out of the local prevailing rock (the description is seriously something along the lines of "chert scepter with chert banding and an engraving of clouds in chert") and, in doing so, became a legendary engraver. Shortly afterwards, one of my nobles was unhappy with his quarters -- his office/dining room wasn't awesome enough. So I put my engraving team to work, getting rid of the boulders, and smoothing all the walls and floors, with the legendary engraver taking a last pass around a couple of the walls to engrave various things in them. She finishes and I take a peek around the walls, lots of dwarves traveling and dwarves surrounding a dwarf, some random nature scenes, but then there's one section of wall that has... a dwarf holding aloft a chert scepter. Classy, lady, name-checking yourself. ;)
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Oh my god they're bringing back Colonization this is the best thing ever. (Probably Amy is the only other person on here that played it much, but I am so fucking geeked right now. I had Colonization still set up in Dosbox up until recently. I really ought to get it set up again.)

Also, The World Ends With You is weird and awesome and addictive. I picked it up when we stopped in Louisiana, and I've put in about a day of playtime so far (and I'm only about halfway through the storyline).


Mar. 11th, 2008 07:27 pm
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Things are maybe starting to finally get closer to normal here. Maybe. I hope. <crosses fingers>

In other news:
-- Holy balls, do I suck at Smash Bros. I've started to play through the Subspace Emissary, but after I fail each level (which I inevitably do), I have to go practice with the new characters for like 15-20 minutes so I can figure out what they *do* for the various attacks. The only one I really feel like I have down is Sheik.
-- I have an Eee PC now (a 4GB Surf model). It's so fucking awesome (and tiny and, most of all, cute like a basketful of puppies). Jerry bought it for me as a surprise (super early) birthday present a couple of weeks ago when we visited Windsor and he was terrified I was going to be bored. It is, at the moment, mostly just being used as a portable Chrono Trigger machine, of course....
--- I've heard a bit of complaining about the keyboard on it, but it doesn't really bother me at all (admittedly, I have skinny fingers). I have more trouble with the touchpad but that's mostly because a) I hate touchpads in general and b) no middle mouse button (I MUST HAVE TABS). We bought a little laptop mouse for it anyway, so that takes care of that problem!
--- I'm mildly surprised at myself, but I'm actually rather okay with the default easy interface. One of the first things I did was set it up so I can use the full KDE desktop, but... the easy mode boots up faster, and I can get to launchers for everything I'm usually looking at there anyway (or I can get a terminal with a single Ctrl+Alt+T, which will launch anything). I'm... not *super* happy with the underlying Xandros-proprietary mongrel that comes by default, just because it makes it more likely that someday I will break something important by accident, but at the moment, it's working okay for me.
--- Also, I even got the Slingbox Player working on the thing (through Wine with this script). The interface is stuttery, but being able to watch stuff off the Tivo at home from Windsor is awesome.
-- Homemade pseudo-chai is tasty.
-- The spring Knitty has a lot of awesome stuff in it. Not that I need any more projects, mind you, since I have 3 on the needles and semi-active, one of which has a time limit, (and at least that many sitting in my yarn bin at the moment).
-- A few days ago, I finally sat down and wrote out everything we did/saw on vacation, so that I'll have some hope in hell of being able to get any sort of detail when I eventually try to piece it all together.

Time for dinner. Mmm, burrito.
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Am, man. I had been looking forward to GH this time around on the cruise; I bought GH2 about a week after I got home and so I had lots of time to play it and GH1 in College Station with Sandra (I've 5-starred up to the next-to-last tier on Hard on GH2), and thus was looking forward to coming in with Jerry and being a ringer this time around.

But I really hate GH 80's. It's a cash grab (costs as much as a full GH game with half the songs and recycled artwork) *and* I don't like the setlist. Hair metal. Blah. I even went back to the game post-email to look at it (I'd played up to the last two tiers on hard, but that's it), and ended up beating it on hard and I'm still meh on the whole thing. I don't really like any of the last tier except Play With Me, which is okay. The only song I really love to play is Synchronicity II, which is in the middle of the setlist and thus is probably too hard for qualifying but too easy for the finals. Other than that, there are a few songs I'm okay with, but I don't like them well enough to want to practice them, or even enough to want to really play them much.
That being said, if I can play Synchronicity II every time, I'll kick ass (I think I was probably 10 notes away from gold starring it on hard earlier) and be happy. But I don't think they're likely to let me do that. <g>

I figured it'd be GH3 or even Rock Band this time around, either of which I probably would have been okay with (I'd prefer Rock Band to GH3 just because I like the setlist better, and from what I hear the note charts are more sane), but 80's is just...bleh.

I mean, I'll probably still try to sign up for it, but... apparently I felt the need to join in on the bitching. ;)
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Want to know what frustration looks like?

GOD. THE LAST NOTE WAS RIGHT THERE. It's the last song standing in the way of my total domination of GH1. I even beat fucking Cowboys From Hell already. (Good lord, I hate that song. Perhaps not as much as fucking Carry Me Home in GH2, but it's the only one in GH1 that gets the "fucking" prefix.)

...I had been hoping to post that picture and then have a witty addendum about how the song has naturally since been decimated by the sheer power of my rocking, but I just played it again and failed at 97%, so I think it will live to fight another day.
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So I picked up Guitar Hero 2 on impulse on Thursday.

I've been wanting one of the GH games for a while, but playing it at Jerry's and watching everyone on the boat kind of cemented it. So I'd been trying to talk myself out of it since I got back, cause, yeah, it's $80, and yeah, I don't play my games enough to necessarily warrant it. Well, last Thursday after work I just decided to say screw it and went and bought it.

I passed easy and medium by Saturday. I'm currently trying to get all 4 and 5 stars on medium before I introduce my hand to the dreaded orange button of doom, and I'm down to the last two tiers.... which I massively suck at and don't like, except The Beast and The Harlot which I find hilarious for whatever reason and thus have already 5-starred (and also because it is easier than the other songs), and Freebird, which I only barely have a 4 on but it's far too amusing.
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... Okay, first off, LJ has changed up its "Update Journal" page. It's all....AJAXy. (Well, not entirely, but it sure looks different.)

First off, thanks to Toys R Us for having a great sale and letting me get Final Fantasy 3 as well as a cheapo (but slightly better fitting than my homemade) DS sock for $20. I had been curious about it, having played a couple of the earlier FFs on my computer (and enjoyed them, at least until I lost track of where I was on the walkthrough), but then I kept seeing people saying variations on "It's gorgeous, but you have to like RPGs" and so on, which made me wary about spending $40 on it. $20 is much more my speed though. I've only played a little bit of it, but it looks like it'll be a great plane game.

I'm up to the last song on Hard in Elite Beat Agents, which remains delightfully cracktastic. (Why yes, my icon is the lady from the Mona Lisa being chased by bulls. It's even more random in context, if you can believe it.) I haven't been playing the DS all that much lately though, focusing more on...

Final Fantasy 12. Which, I'd been pretty curious about the newer FFs but I'd heard mixed reviews on the ones I could easily find. I'd heard some good things about this one, and then Sandra went to get it for her brother while I was along, and... *impulse buy*. It's awesomely fun. The storyline is very Star Wars (original)-ish -- mostly situational similarities. (Some random kid teams up with a sky pirate and his non-human cohort and they go rescue the princess... There are a few other extra people involved, no Obi Wan, and the Chewy analogue is a chick with bunny ears who has decided to run around with/shack up with the sky pirate, so. Not exactly the same. And considering we rescued the princess, oh, about 20 hours in, and I'm at 80, there's obviously plotline beyond that.)
Anyway, all that matters is Balthier, like Han Solo, is awesome.
And computer geekiness showing through, but I love the gambit system. (The gambit system basically lets you set up If-Then statements for each member of your party, eg "If HP < 50%, Cure. If Enemy Visible, Attack.") It's something that I would probably have been begging for if it hadn't had it. It's so nice to be able to run up to even fairly powerful enemies and only have to stop and make adjustments periodically instead of having to go through each person and go "Attack. <point at enemy>" every turn. I just wish NOT was available (and that I had more gambits for Self, although I think I get those later).

Lest you think I've gone all RPG on you, I'm also falling for this advent calendar flash game-ad-thing on the Nintendo Europe website. They're opening up a level each day. It's ADORABLE. And also surprisingly hard (but then I suck at platformers, even though I love them). Also also, I *really* like the music for it. But that may be because it sounds like Epcot music. ;)
Plus, the ad content is actually not terribly sucky; I just got an MP3 of the theme from Animal Crossing. (My poor neglected snowy town. I need to make snowmen. And weed.)


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