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What have I been up to?

  • Secret Project X has met its end. Final tally on the bus knitting is two pairs of socks, a cowl, and a hat. Not bad.
  • I went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, and got to hang out with my sister, and visit more briefly with other friends. It was very good times. There was quite a bit of consumption of the standard turkey, and also much consumption of enchiladas and a Freebirds burrito. Nom nom nom.
  • We also performed our duty as Americans (and sort-of-Americans-by-marriage) and bought cheap things on Friday. I picked up a few games from Gamestop as they had a deal on used games: the first Phoenix Wright, Wind Waker, and Zack and Wiki (guess who is apparently in the mood for some point and click adventure?).
  • Jerry was sick the whole time we were down there. So naturally what happens when we get back? He's better.... and I get sick. Thankfully it's a pretty minor thing. So I've been spending the past couple of days playing much Phoenix Wright and a bit having my mind blown by the Cat Bordhi and Elizabeth Zimmerman knitting books that I picked up in Texas (via a Knitpicks sale in October). I haven't gotten a chance to do much with them yet, but they certainly look like I'll have a lot of fun with them in the future.
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So. Hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah and all that. Mine was good, just went down to Katy on the Friday beforehand with a large suitcase full of dirty clothes and my presents for people. My presents weren't too extraordinarily exciting, but they were definitely good things. I got a little rice cooker (which I used today, and it worked well enough), a pizza stone, a calendar with knitting patterns, a laundry bag, some aluminum foil (yes, really), much-appreciated money from my grandparents, and the usual mix of kitchen and bath stuff in the stocking, as well as the traditional chocolate orange. (Mmm.)
I also got some collapsible chopsticks from Jerry while I was up there, as wells as a bunch of chocolate from Shai and Nadine. (Mmm again.)

Day after Christmas, my dad drove me off to IAH where I flew up to Detroit and was met by [ profile] hanrow. As always seems to happen, I arrived at a time of unseasonable warmth, and thus did not get a hint of snow the entire time I was up there. We headed on over to Windsor, where I said hi to Jerry's parents and brother, watched hockey with Jerry, and then we went out for dinner, where I managed to do reasonably decently with chopsticks (eventually).
The next day, we met up with a couple of Jerry's friends in Windsor during the morning, then drove back to Hamilton that afternoon, where we I think ended up not doing a whole heck of a lot for the rest of the day.
Thursday we went to the mall, then to Canadian Tire, then to Fortinos. I believe I then busted out FFXII and killed time until we went by Shopper's Drug Mart (in an unsuccessful hunt for the big Kinder Eggs I had gotten the first time I visited, a couple of years ago) and then Tim Horton's for a quick donut to tide me over while Jerry did improv. Post-improv was the usual chinese food and we closed the place down (the staff actually left before us).
Friday we slept in. We went over to see the new apartment, which is huge and awesome. Then we headed back by the apartment, and my throat was feeling a bit wonky, so I stayed in and sucked at Guitar Hero while Jerry went and bought a hard drive and some "chlor-tripolon" (or chlortrimeton for us Americans).
Saturday I played massive amounts of FFXII. We went out to dinner with Helen and then plans for karaoke were scrapped after we ended up hanging around chatting with Helen in Jerry's apartment until after midnight.
New Years' Eve there was more FFXII until we headed over to Shai and Nadine's in the afternoon, where we stayed until 1, and then actually departed about an hour later, as I have come to realize is usual when departing Shai and Nadine's. I believe they may have a small black hole or some other sort of temporal disturbance ensconced in their entryway somewhere.
And then yesterday we woke up late, panicked slightly, drove non-stop across to the Ambassador Bridge, which was backed up all the way across into Canada still, panicked a bit more, then got through into Detroit with enough time to make a quick stop for donuts at a Tim Horton's that was actually open. Then there was the airport and sadness. And then I had taquitos as I waited while my flight was delayed an hour. Got back in to Houston and was retrieved by my parents, did laundry, watched some Sports Night with my mom, IMed Jerry, and tried to remember that I had been up there that morning.

Pretty much unexciting, but it was a really really great week and I wish it was longer.

Today I had a bonus day off due to Ford, so I slept in, loaded everything up, drove back after lunch, found my apartment intact, unloaded everything, tried to catch up online, and then bought a very cheap electric kettle.


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