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So. Hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah and all that. Mine was good, just went down to Katy on the Friday beforehand with a large suitcase full of dirty clothes and my presents for people. My presents weren't too extraordinarily exciting, but they were definitely good things. I got a little rice cooker (which I used today, and it worked well enough), a pizza stone, a calendar with knitting patterns, a laundry bag, some aluminum foil (yes, really), much-appreciated money from my grandparents, and the usual mix of kitchen and bath stuff in the stocking, as well as the traditional chocolate orange. (Mmm.)
I also got some collapsible chopsticks from Jerry while I was up there, as wells as a bunch of chocolate from Shai and Nadine. (Mmm again.)

Day after Christmas, my dad drove me off to IAH where I flew up to Detroit and was met by [ profile] hanrow. As always seems to happen, I arrived at a time of unseasonable warmth, and thus did not get a hint of snow the entire time I was up there. We headed on over to Windsor, where I said hi to Jerry's parents and brother, watched hockey with Jerry, and then we went out for dinner, where I managed to do reasonably decently with chopsticks (eventually).
The next day, we met up with a couple of Jerry's friends in Windsor during the morning, then drove back to Hamilton that afternoon, where we I think ended up not doing a whole heck of a lot for the rest of the day.
Thursday we went to the mall, then to Canadian Tire, then to Fortinos. I believe I then busted out FFXII and killed time until we went by Shopper's Drug Mart (in an unsuccessful hunt for the big Kinder Eggs I had gotten the first time I visited, a couple of years ago) and then Tim Horton's for a quick donut to tide me over while Jerry did improv. Post-improv was the usual chinese food and we closed the place down (the staff actually left before us).
Friday we slept in. We went over to see the new apartment, which is huge and awesome. Then we headed back by the apartment, and my throat was feeling a bit wonky, so I stayed in and sucked at Guitar Hero while Jerry went and bought a hard drive and some "chlor-tripolon" (or chlortrimeton for us Americans).
Saturday I played massive amounts of FFXII. We went out to dinner with Helen and then plans for karaoke were scrapped after we ended up hanging around chatting with Helen in Jerry's apartment until after midnight.
New Years' Eve there was more FFXII until we headed over to Shai and Nadine's in the afternoon, where we stayed until 1, and then actually departed about an hour later, as I have come to realize is usual when departing Shai and Nadine's. I believe they may have a small black hole or some other sort of temporal disturbance ensconced in their entryway somewhere.
And then yesterday we woke up late, panicked slightly, drove non-stop across to the Ambassador Bridge, which was backed up all the way across into Canada still, panicked a bit more, then got through into Detroit with enough time to make a quick stop for donuts at a Tim Horton's that was actually open. Then there was the airport and sadness. And then I had taquitos as I waited while my flight was delayed an hour. Got back in to Houston and was retrieved by my parents, did laundry, watched some Sports Night with my mom, IMed Jerry, and tried to remember that I had been up there that morning.

Pretty much unexciting, but it was a really really great week and I wish it was longer.

Today I had a bonus day off due to Ford, so I slept in, loaded everything up, drove back after lunch, found my apartment intact, unloaded everything, tried to catch up online, and then bought a very cheap electric kettle.
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Jerry's gone. :(

We had a bit more drama than was expected today though. It was pretty windy today down here, which, in addition to blowing down the power lines by my apartment this afternoon (obviously they're back up), also caused Jerry's flight from College Station to Houston to be cancelled. And it was the last flight out of College Station today. Fortunately, his flight out of Houston was also delayed, so we decided to go ahead and drive down there so Jerry could get back something resembling today. (I was rather glad I tossed in my CD case for the usually 10-minute drive to the airport in College Station.) The flight apparently just got off the ground about 15 minutes ago (I was getting a bit worried that none of the flight tracking sites had any info on his flight when I got back to my apartment).

As if having to leave Jerry all of a sudden as soon as we got into Houston wasn't bad enough, as soon as I get back in the car, "Peterborough and the Kawarthas" starts up with the verse right before Ty's weather report. Gee, thanks a lot, Jim.

I fortunately unconsciously picked out TMBG's Lincoln (and b-sides) while fumbling for something to listen to on my way out of town, which is one of the CDs I find most difficult to be sad to.
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Oh, hey. So, I went to Canada last week, and now I'm back here in Amarillo. The trip was a lot of fun, if a bit exhausting at times.

I want to go back.

Very long and mostly unexciting daily breakdown... )

Things that made me happy/amused me over the trip:
1. Road signs with only a question mark on them and an arrow. (And occasionally "information" in letters far too tiny to see unless you're right up on the sign.)
2. Panic is not part of the mango lifestyle.
3. Putting faces to names.
4. Helping Alex "clean up" the backyard by shoveling all the leaves that had fallen in the yard through his basketball hoop.
5. Singing along with Jerry
6. Getting several more takedowns than necessary for a gold medal in Burnout.
7. Mint Aero bars.
and of course, Jerry, about a million times over. :)

I will probably remember random things to add at some other point, but I think that this is plenty for now. <g>
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To start out with, hahahahahahaha.

In other news, Jerry arrived on Thursday, and left yesterday. It was really really really nice to have him around, and I miss him terribly already.
On Thursday evening, we went to Olive Garden and then leaned on each other for a while. Friday was relatively uneventful; we stayed in the apartment for most of the day because the satellite was finally getting installed. We went to Freebirds for dinner and then went to Target for a bit.
Saturday was fun because we decided to check out the new ice rink that just opened here, the only one within probably an hour of College Station. I managed to not fall too much, but that's really only because Jerry happened to be there to catch me a lot of the time. As it is, I have bruised knees, but I did have a good time. Afterwards, we wandered around Best Buy for a bit and later went to Gina's for dinner, where we had very tasty fajitas and Jerry had nachos, and I mocked him as he sadly surveyed at the last drops of cheesy goodness left after the chips had been finished. <g>
Sunday, we went to Austin, and had lunch with Cherish and a friend of hers from work. Amy T. was supposed to join us but was delayed by car troubles. As it was, it was fun to get to see Cherish finally. After lunch, we wandered over to Book People, where, amazingly enough, neither of us bought anything, and to Waterloo Records where, absolutely unamazingly at all, both of us walked out with a few CDs. And then we went to Fry's (well, sort of. I know I've been to Austin too many times when I'm telling Jerry that every exit off of Mopac is the exit for Fry's because all of the street names sound familiar, and I know I haven't been to Fry's in too long when I can't look at the buildings around the exit and be sure that we're not at the right one), and when we finally got there, we basked in the geeky glow for a while. We returned to College Station, watched the Nascar race in fast-forward (yay for DVR) and did some more leaning.
And on Monday, Jerry left, after brunch at IHOP and requisite photo-taking (it's an Aggie tradition ;)) and me trying not to lose it too bad at the airport. And then that afternoon, I caught up on things online, watched the little planes on the map go from here to Houston and then up to Toronto, and tried to distract myself from the fact that he wasn't going to be sitting in the living room waiting for me to finish up in here.

Today was class, which was relatively uneventful, and this afternoon, I did a bit of napping and some homework.

I need to get up there. Soon.
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Back in Amarillo. I ended up sulking most of yesterday (cut to shots of me being dorky all morning, sitting in airport for two and a half hours in the afternoon, going "You know, it'd be a lot more interesting for me to sit and watch Jerry poke at computers rather than wander around this dinky area for this whole time by myself," on airplane which ever-so-kindly flew out over Hamilton -- I could see the Skyway -- going "I really really really really really really don't want to be here right now...."), and was looking forward to more sulking here too, but today has been taken over by random illness and lots of sleeping. I'm hoping it's a 24-hour sort of thing, since I'm just sort of fever-y and tired, but still, icky.

Brunch on Sunday was lots of fun and it was awesome meeting everyone there. Shame on all of you who weren't there (or, y'know, I wish you could have come. Whichever). More about the trip later when my brain is less fried.
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Okay, first off, I'm still not quite getting what's up with this. Particularly since LJ's a free service in direct competition with Six Apart's pay-only TypePad.

Canada is still nice. Monday was touristy day--we went into Toronto, I saw the Star building and then we went down the PATH (underground walkway) from Union Station to Eaton Centre, where we had lunch and wandered through on the way to Sam the Record Man, where I bought 3 GBS CDs (two for me and one for Sandra -- Play) and I finally got the latest Rheos CD. We then popped in HMV and then took the subway (which I think is the first time I've actually taken a real subway anywhere) back to Union Station and then walked over to the CN Tower, where there was much picture-taking. For dinner, we went to Dave & Buster's and I got to meet a few people. Tuesday we went to the Ontario Science Centre, which was a lot of fun even though they're doing a lot of renovation. Yesterday, we slept in and then went and wandered around Square One (another mall), and I witnessed Jerry's once-a-year clothes purchase. And today, we stayed in mostly since it was snowy/icy, except for going out to the Staircase to meet more people and watch a workshop, which was fun.

Tomorrow, I think the plan is to run up to Niagara Falls for the day, and then Saturday is the Royal Ontario Museum. Sunday, I get to finally see a bunch of you, and then Monday I go home. <sigh> Blah. :)

Okay, time to go munch on some more of my giant Kinder Egg and watch Jerry try to explode things. (Ah, Burnout.)
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So, I'm in Canada now.

It's nice. Definitely colder than Texas. But I find it a lot more comfortable to have confirmation that it's January by walking outside (as opposed to College Station, where a day in January could quite easily be 70+ and you could be wandering around in shorts). Apparently it's unseasonably warm right now here though (it was supposed to get up to 47 today, and it was raining).
Today, we were planning to go visit Jerry's family, but freezing rain and fog ended up keeping us here in Hamilton, and so we went and wandered around a mall here which had very few stores I actually recognized but did have a Steak Escape. Yum. And then we went to the previously mentioned "huge" grocery store ( was big, but on the scale and style of Market Street in Amarillo) and bought food and Kinder Surprise eggs. Apparently Jerry's one caveat about something they don't have there -- electronics -- was indeed incorrect as they do actually have a little electronics section in the middle of the store. And then we returned back to the apartment, had some dinner, crashed some cars (on Burnout 3, which I've decided is like Megarace with a lot more game attached and better graphics), and watched some TV.

Tomorrow, we're going to go down to Toronto, go up the CN Tower, go to Sam's (the late-night record shop) and some other places. And then we're going to Dave and Buster's to eat out with a few people.
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So, I owe a super long LJ entry.

The summer semester is over, and I ended up with B's in my two classes. Not bad.

Jerry came and visited from last Wednesday to Tuesday, which was wonderful. Saying goodbye was very rushed and very very hard. The quite likely prospect of not seeing him again until March really hurts.

Things I learned:
Jerry is a knife snob.
Sesame seed oil automatically makes anything Chinese.
Texas makes Canadians melt.
Chili's plays Josh Ritter (Kathleen!), and Fuddruckers plays steel drum versions of Sloop John B, and Johnny Carinos plays musicals.
Having someone else singing along makes my in-car warbling a lot more enjoyable.
My garlic cheddar instant mashed potatoes are palatable, at least.
Being normal even for just a week makes me envy those who have the advantage of proximity so much.
I am really really lucky with Jerry, my family, and just in general.

On Friday, I dragged Jerry to Garden State (it opened here--shock!), and hopefully he didn't mind it too much. <g> It did live up to my considerable expectations, which I was very happy about. It's one that I'm glad I saw with Jerry though, even if that meant the ending kind of sucked. ;)

Also, Jerry got to witness the dance of the roommates. Initially, there was Girl #1. She showed up in mid-June, and proceeded to dump a bunch of stuff in Monica's old room, which she'd apparently leased but never planned on occupying. She was subleasing to someone who she didn't know, but who sounded nice. A week or two ago, Girl #2 shows up and proceeds to move a bunch of stuff into Dianna's room. I got the impression that she was subleasing from Girl #1. On Friday, Girl #3 (who may or may not have initially had any connection with Girls #1 and 2) arrives, moves her stuff in, and leaves. On Saturday, Girl #2 returns, and proceeds to move more stuff in. On Sunday, Girls #2 and 3 arrive, move all their stuff out, and tell me that they've found cheaper rent somewhere else, so they won't be living here, and then let me know Girl #1 will be by later on to pick up all her stuff. She did indeed arrive and clean out everything that was over there, so now half the apartment is empty, and I have absolutely no clue who (if anyone) will be living there.

And a random note in case any of you completely missed this somewhere, Jerry is Jerry is Jerry.


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