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Okay, so last time we discussed this, I was giving SUP the benefit of the doubt. Not sure if I'm doing that any more.

What happened was this:
LJ got rid of the creation of new basic accounts (also, you can't switch an account back to basic now either). This is not particularly great but not the end of the world, despite the drama that would inevitably occur. (I don't like it, but it's fairly understandable; ad revenue basically makes the internet go round.) The big problem was they did it and didn't tell anyone. Even though they posted a news post that day.

Someone noticed and posted a comment, to which someone official replied, saying basically that they had to get rid of basic because people were supposedly confused by the number of account tiers. You know, since there were three. (Heaven forbid!)

Also in the "brilliant move, dumbass" department, they apparently didn't consult their vaunted advisory board before making this decision. Brad, for one, is not amused.

And that brings us to the inevitable half-apologetic news post of this evening. (Which boils down to, essentially, "We're not changing the decision. Too bad we didn't tell you the way you wanted. You're all so crazy it's hard for us to figure out how to talk to you.")

I did find a cool Movable Type plugin the other day (which someone aptly described as "Planet Me"), but I don't know if I really want to go back to 6A or not....

Also, this comes seriously two days after I renewed my account for another year. <facepalm>


Dec. 2nd, 2007 10:08 pm
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Uh. Wow. That is random. At least with the Six Apart thing, they were a reasonably well-known blogging company. pretty much entirely unknown. Wish I knew some Russian people so I could ask their opinions of how it's gone for them over the last year. (Brad apparently has some stuff on his LJ both from now and from back when the deal was first announced, including some reasons to be concerned and some reasons to be optimistic.)

On the other hand, it's not like Six Apart exactly groks LJ. Hopefully SUP will understand LJ a little better.

But I think it might be time again to do another survey of other blogging software/venues, just so I'm up on it.
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Aw, the 25th was the 5-year birthday of my LJ, and I completely forgot to post about it.

Happy belated birthday, LJ! 5 years, holy crap. You gave me an outlet I obviously needed, I got a way to keep up with my friends, and I got some friends and got to know some better along the way.

...No one is allowed to look at anything that's remotely close to 5 years old because I had embarrasing amounts of free time my freshman year. ;)
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Hooray, new LJ layout! And unlike Haven, I don't think this one will break every time someone posts a badly-coded quiz!
This one took a teensy bit of tweaking (it had no divider between posts by default, hooray for repurposing other code), and I'm not entirely sure how much I love it. (And HOLY GOD too many CSS files. I mean, they're somewhat understandably divided up but seriously, SEVEN? At least the CSS is more easily tweakable than the layers and things.)

It took me a bit of looking at lyrics to find a title that wasn't too emo, pretentious, overdone, sappy, or just dumb. My old "Seas' Journal" just looked kind of silly up there on its own. I think this strikes a decent balance. (In case anyone's curious, it's from Starling's "Overrated.")


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