Sep. 12th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Dammit. UPS and/or Canada customs are holding two boxes of my stuff hostage. They have my YARN.

This must be resolved soon.
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Well, here I am! Thanks for all the comments, everybody.

The trip was honestly amazingly uneventful. I thought I might be hassled about the Tivo, about the amount of luggage I had (one of my suitcases was well over the 50 lbs limit), how long I was staying, or I might be overly tired and miserable either in the morning or by the time I got in, or I wouldn't be able to nap on the plane, or things would get delayed, or or or or or....
As it was, I woke up relatively on time without too much issue (despite it being 3:30 AM), I breezed through security in Houston, no need to open anything, the flights were just standard flights (I even managed to snag a window seat with an open seat next to me on both of them), I got into Toronto, went to the restroom, managed to get in the shortest line for customs, got through that with a 2-minute "what is the purpose of the trip? who are you staying with? enjoy your visit.", and then had to wait about 10-15 minutes for my luggage to show up. Then I found Jerry and we went home (after wading through traffic) and had Swiss Chalet and integrated the Tivo into Jerry's setup and so on.
The hardest part of the whole thing was trying to get my luggage out so I could find Jerry, honestly. (The only other downsides were an awful iced chai from a Starbucks stand in Chicago, and an ...odd smell in the seating area right outside the gate there. Fortunately I had time to grab some McNuggets and the seating area across the way was less odoriferous.)

Sunday was lots of shopping. We hit up Ikea for a bed, dresser, and office chair (which went rather well up until we got down to the part where they wanted us to move around the mattress, box springs, dresser, etc with just the two of us, and it went okay after that, but that part was rather stressful and not fun), and then did lots of other running around. Monday, I was on my own, and not much got done besides emptying my suitcases. Today was a bit more shopping, although we didn't end up getting a lot of the things we were looking for.

My brain is still not entirely getting that I'm here for good (along with everything that means).
But it is definitely good to be here.
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Wow. It's finally here. Tomorrow I get on a plane. (Very, very early. Far too early.)

I've gotten over the mild freaking out I'd been having a week or so ago, and now I'm just ready. (Although I have a box and half a suitcase left to pack, but it won't take long. Even if I am getting up far too early tomorrow.)

...Is it weird that I'm carrying on my Tivo? ;)
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Good grief.

So my car is fixed, brilliant, shiny, lovely and neat. All the dents are gone, it has been washed, waxed, and vacuumed.

Take it to the Toyota dealership here and they offer me less than the dealership in CS. Which was before I got the hail damage fixed.

I just.... GAH.
How freaking hard is it to get a REASONABLE offer for my perfectly fucking decent car?!
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So I'm moved out of my apartment. That was an... odd experience. I mean, it can be a little bit weird, yes, but this is the first time I've had my own place, and thus the first time I've moved out of my own place. I had to do the old walk around the rooms and sort of stare at where all my stuff used to be. My parents' house is "home" now (as it has been in my cell phone -- a carryover from college -- and as it will be officially for the next few months, at least until I get paperwork done). Being here at my parents', I'm still expecting in the back of my mind to climb back into the car and head back to the apartment.

The big suck at the moment is... I've had to move my flight back a week. Which is a very big suck. And the reason I'm having to do it is yet more suck. Why? Remember this? It wasn't a huge deal at the time -- my car got about 3 visible dents, and I thought nothing of it (I'm from Amarillo, everyone's got hail damage) and didn't bother with getting it fixed. Fast forward to me trying to sell the car at the dealership in CS and getting a MASSIVELY lowball offer because I supposedly have "$2000-2500 worth of damage" (also probably because I'm a girl and I was there alone -- I already have stuff from the insurance estimating under $1500). So between me trying to get the insurance going and then getting it fixed and then trying to sell it again... it was just not going to be possible in under a week. I still may have to just give up and sell it, but we'll see.
The positive thing is I'm flying on miles, and I can apparently change the date without any fee (as long as there are awards flights available, which seems to be not an issue at all on the flights I'm taking). So if I can get this done any earlier (or if other circumstances intervene), I can move it again. The other positive thing is I have some more time to put things in boxes properly and ship them off. I really don't know how we would have gotten everything out of my apartment with just my mom's car. As it was we were still pretty rushed, but we got everything out and cleaning and things done, thanks to my mom. :)

I managed to pick an awesome time to move</sarcasm>. Most of my furniture went out on the hottest day in 4 years (it got up to 102, heat indexes were probably close to 110), and it was around that temperature every day we were moving. Today of course was Erin. (The positive thing is that I was moving everything out of my apartment yesterday instead of today.) And Dean may get in on the fun next week (although it's honestly got a long way to go before I need to have any particular concern about it).

So yes: busy crazy time. And I wish I could just get on a plane already.
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Shutting down the computer in here for the last time. More later, when I'm not in a temporary location.


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