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Random blips:

Wall-E was amazing and wonderful and I want to see it again and I kind of really want the soundtrack also. I have a feeling I spent almost the entire movie making little "eee!" noises. And the random BNL all over the place was pretty hilarious.

The Amazon MP3 store is very nice and handy, and they have a Linux download client. Thumbs up to that! If you didn't know, they have a special every day where one album is cheap (usually $3), and they tend to be pretty decent with a varied selection. If you're on Twitter, so are they (also you can look there to get an idea of the kinds of things that go for cheap).

I read Boatmurdered recently, and despite being somewhat confused and terrified by the screenshots, I subsequently fell headfirst into Dwarf Fortress, which is... uh... a sim, sort of, I guess. The Boatmurdered link does a decent job of describing it. There's a wiki for the game that has a couple of good tutorials (and a lot of otherwise uber-handy information) if any of you get interested as well. Also, if you're afraid of trying to learn to understand the Matrix, there's a version of the game with more graphics prebuilt here. Also also, I apparently have good timing since there's going to be a new version of the game coming out tomorrow or the day after that. (Hey, it's a one-man dev team. What can you do?)

Here's the only really interesting story I have so far in my current fortress: A little while ago, I had a fisherdwarf, who was a fairly recent immigrant, be taken by a strange mood. She commandeered the craftsdwarf's workshop, and ended up building a scepter out of the local prevailing rock (the description is seriously something along the lines of "chert scepter with chert banding and an engraving of clouds in chert") and, in doing so, became a legendary engraver. Shortly afterwards, one of my nobles was unhappy with his quarters -- his office/dining room wasn't awesome enough. So I put my engraving team to work, getting rid of the boulders, and smoothing all the walls and floors, with the legendary engraver taking a last pass around a couple of the walls to engrave various things in them. She finishes and I take a peek around the walls, lots of dwarves traveling and dwarves surrounding a dwarf, some random nature scenes, but then there's one section of wall that has... a dwarf holding aloft a chert scepter. Classy, lady, name-checking yourself. ;)
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Can't sleep. So review time it is!

The teaser for Wall-E was cute but considerably more cryptic than most of the Pixar teasers have been previously (although I remember that the Nemo one was a bit as well).
The short before the movie, "Lifted," was hilarious and just kept getting funnier as it went. Probably my favorite since "For the Birds". Highly recommended.
I liked the movie quite a bit -- it's certainly not my favorite Pixar movie, but so far they're still batting a thousand with me.
I do have some nitpicks (and other minorly spoilery thoughts)... )

It was interesting seeing it in the theater as a sneak preview. Everyone seemed to be that extra bit of enthusiastic which was both fun and a little weird. (People clapped? Multiple times? During the movie?) They seemed to like it, at least.


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