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I was going to be all clever about this in some fashion, but it's not working, so... as Jerry mentioned already, I'm now a permanent resident of Canada. Officially and everything! Woo!

More elaboration when I'm feeling a bit more coherent.
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Tomorrow is my last day at work. Holy shit.

This whole moving thing didn't really sink in until earlier this week when I got paperwork with things on it like "Last date of employment" and that sort of thing. The enormity of it at the moment is mildly overwhelming. (No, I'm not getting cold feet -- getting to see Jerry every day? yes please -- it's just jumping out of an airplane doesn't get unscary just because you know you have a parachute.)

Tomorrow, my mom comes up to help and we pack in earnest. This weekend, half my furniture goes into storage here for Sandra, most of the rest goes home with my parents. Monday, I have to figure out how to sell my car. Wednesday I have to be moved out entirely. And next Saturday, I fly off.

I'm sure by then I'll feel totally zen and excited and prepared, but right now, my brain is just staring at me like "We're doing what now?!" and then running around in circles in a panic.
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I have a job! Hooray!
Thus, I shall be back off to College Station in about a week.

For not-getting-fired purposes, job-related stuff is going to be locked up.

On the agenda now:
- buy a car (tomorrow!)
- find an apartment in CS (I have ideas, but suggestions would be awesome for those of you who know the area)
- pack up everything I own (... fun?)

At intervals between the frantic action of the next few weeks, I'll try to catch up on what I've been up to recently, such as a couple of trips to College Station, Thanksgiving, and so on. (Aaaand now that this has been open in Firefox for several hours, perhaps I'll post it. Whoops. Go me.)


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