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The last thing I posted was in May. Um. Well.

House is coming together. slowly. Tomorrow it will be coming together more as we rent a van and go pick up a ton of bookshelves and a grill and some insulation. We're at the point where it's easy to live in the house even though there are still many things in boxes, so unpacking has tapered off rapidly.

My parents came up to visit in June. That was fun (and I do mean fun and not sarcasm).

I recently geeked out about the last Scott Pilgrim book which came out a couple of weeks ago, and I am expecting to geek out about the movie in a couple of weeks. (I do highly recommend the comics!)

There was also much nerding out about the info about the next Avatar series that came out during Comicon (tell me this does not look badass). (I hope none of you saw The Last Airbender. And I really hope none of you will let M. Night keep you from watching the show. Because it is awesome. If you have Netflix, you can apparently watch the whole series on Instant Watch.)

Jerry and I went to see Mike Evin last night, who was fantastic as usual. It was in a cafe setting, so Mike was up near the front window and the door was open, and when Mike had the audience all singing/clapping/stomping along it was really fun to see people walk by in one direction, look in curiously, and then walk back past the window in the other direction, pause, and then just come in to watch. (Some guy who presumably couldn't stop walked past the window clapping over his head during "We Should Dance".)
In case anyone's curious, Mike hasn't heard anything one way or the other about S&D. He suggested possibly reminding the folks at Sixthman that he exists.

Oh, and speaking of S&D, apparently Great Big Sea is going to be on board after all. For those of you that are interested, plan accordingly. ;)
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So, finally got around to listening to All in Good Time today while riding with Jerry on the way to Windsor. I just finished listening to it again for a second time while writing this up, so here we go with the blah blah blah. )
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Okay, this is pretty damn awesome. (It doesn't hurt that World of Goo's music is already pretty damn awesome.)
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The things you find when wandering around the mp3 store on Amazon...
I had seen a link to a bunch of free sampler CDs from various indie labels, so I decided to peek around and see what else was free. There's the Apples in Stereo song from the Colbert/Decemberists shred-off episode. There are some random live GBS songs (off of their live CDs, nothing new afaik) that supposedly will be available at the end of the month. Which led me to see what GBS was available -- including a couple of songs that I hadn't ever seen before, two from an EP that I didn't know existed....

And one from a kid's album I've never heard of that includes this line in the preview:
"Sharks can play with penguins and become... special friends."

Yes. Special.
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Okay, if you don't have it, go buy Old 97's - Wreck Your Life. It's $2 today on Amazon. Two bucks. It's probably cheaper than a coffee. And you get high-quality DRM-free MP3s. And it's such an amazing album.

Also, I am incredibly jealous of Xbox/PS3 Rock Band people -- they're coming out with an Alt Country pack this week, which includes a live version of Time Bomb. I hope it comes to Wii soon, trying to keep up with Rhett on there would be so much damn fun.
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Only until Monday (and possibly US-only) -- $5 for the latest Old 97's album! (And it comes in un-DRMed mp3!)

A video

Jun. 12th, 2008 11:16 pm
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Old 97’s - Dance With Me video:  Two great tastes that taste great together!

(Original entry:
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Anyone want to go see Josh Ritter in Toronto on Tuesday? It's $22 (after fees), and at the Phoenix (so, GA).

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to try to go, since it's in town, and Jerry's not super interested what with everything else that's going on, so I don't really have anyone to go with, but...
He's really really awesome, particularly live, and I want to see a proper full set of his sometime. I missed him last fall last time he was in town (small show at the Drake, we were waiting to make a decision about going, and it sold out), so I think this is likely to be the last time he's here for a while.

In case anyone's curious, you can hear his most recent album here, and check out live shows here or here. (Also, if you want to hear the most adorable thing ever, look up his "Stuck on You (The Science Song)", which is where the title for this entry comes from.)
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Oh man. Audiosurf is rather ridiculous amounts of fun. They're having a beta this weekend, and I've been playing it all morning. Some songs work better than others, but it's a hell of a lot of fun (even though I'm not very good at it ;)).
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Holy crap, I am going to have a hard time fitting in seeing everyone I want to see on S&D even once.

GBS was a great surprise, yes, but, y'know, there's a big overlap in the fanbases, it wasn't crazy.
Harvey Danger though? Entirely out of left field. And completely awesome. (If you don't know anything of theirs besides "Flagpole Sitta", download. And possibly peek around a used CD shop for "King James Version".)
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Album thoughts... )

*One concern: I don't think my credit card got charged and I don't think my song credits actually got used on iTunes. So, um. Feeling kinda guilty now. (Even though I'm going to be buying this at least two more times, for the deluxe edition and a hard copy.) I'd totally be willing to paypal you $5 or $10 if you want, guys....
ETA: Yeah, it went through. It didn't take my song credits, but I got charged the $10.81 for it.
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Aw. YouTube, you suck. I was going to link you guys to Josh Ritter's (adorable!) performance on Conan on Friday night (I would have pointed it out then, but I didn't know it was happening until about 10 mintues beforehand), but the copyrightnistas got to it today. I knew I should have updated this weekend!

If you like the US Office, you may enjoy this.

So I keep about 4 presets on my FM stations, the Point, a local Mix station for when the Point doesn't want to come in/is on commercials, NPR for the occasional classical fix, and a blank station for the ipod. Every time I have switched to the Mix station in the last week or two, it has at some point played "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree.". I like the song okay and all, and the girl can manage her loop pedals apparently, as Google showed me whenever I tried to figure out what song it was at lunchtime today, right before I got into my car, where it was on the radio AGAIN. Seriously.
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Things I did not need to hear today:
1. An awful pop-punk cover of Roxanne by The Police. (And yes, I am totally late on this, apparently, but I don't normally listen to the radio.)

Shame on you, Fall Out Boy. You made me feel bad for the original, and I don't even like that song.

On a happier musical note, while at the Swedish Embassy in Dallas Frisco last Saturday, they played Careful by Guster on the speakers. It made me think of Steph (and a bunch of my other northeastern friends). ;)

Blah, I really don't want to pack but I think I've procrastinated too much already.


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