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Sunday 5/14, part 1 )

For the rest of Sunday: lunch, log flume evilness, monorails, and timing issues.
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Thursday before last, night: Washed clothes and watched The Office season finale, which got me totally geeked (and very glad I was going to get to see Jerry in a couple of days, cause I'm a sap) and totally faked out up until the end. Spent way too long looking through parking lots in Houston. In Dallas, we've always used the Parking Spot and it was nice, but it was a lot more expensive than some of the other lots in Houston. And also I was trying to make sure I caught Jerry so we'd kind of have some plans in case something went terribly crazy.

Friday before last, night: Packing packing paaaaacking. And trying to make sure I do it in a reasonable amount of time. I had a bit of fun when I found a LARGE HAIRY SPIDER in my bag o' shoes as I tried to retrieve my sandals. There was a bit of freaking out and then trying to figure out how/if I should capture it, during which time it escaped. I got my sandals, but I never ended up wearing them.

Saturday. )

Next day: Magic Kindgom, where we learn why reading comprehension is an important skill, and that spinning someone in circles is not a good way to get rid of a headache.
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Back. Vacation was wonderful. Disney, Daytona, and Canaveral were all awesome. Jerry had to go catch his flight in Houston so fast that I still really haven't processed him being gone yet. And I am wayyyy too tired to go on with details, so this entry is it for tonight.

*sigh* )


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