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This is hilarious (BSG spoilers).
This is also pretty hilarious.

Not hilarious but real and awesome, Avatar wins a Peabody.
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So... The Avatar series finale was so wonderful and awesome and I really can't believe they aired some of that on Nickelodeon. I would go into more detail, but I would just be basically recapping the entire thing and how awesome every single moment was.

Seriously, if you like a well-designed fantasy universe, I can't recommend this series highly enough. Yeah, "it's a kid's show," but in this case it just means you can watch it with kids if you want.

Fifteen bazillion thumbs up.

(Also, I'd feel somewhat bad about the memage on the icon, but Toph is awesome enough to pull it off.)
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God, every week I come away from Pushing Daisies going, "It's like they made a show just for me." Love.
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Hot damn. Okay, I was going to wait until at least after I'd, you know, actually seen all the new shows I'm interested in this fall, but it looks like Reaper and Pushing Daisies are going to be the two ending up with definite season passes for me. I was underwhelmed with Chuck (it was cute, and I laughed a bit, but it just came off very meh to me, and the premise causes my inner ubernerd much wailing and gnashing of teeth) -- I'll keep watching for at least couple of weeks, but it ultimately may just pile up on the Tivo and I won't bother with watching it unless I read it was decent. Bionic Woman has some good things going for it (Eick, Sackhoff, I am a BSG fangirl apparently, etc), but sounds like it's got a lot of problems backstage (they've supposedly borrowed some people from FNL to try and help clean things up), and the reactions I've read have been overwhelmingly meh, so I don't know I'm going to be sticking with it. And I am inexplicably Tivoing Dirty Sexy Money for this week (mostly because the commercials looked mildly amusing, and hey, Peter Krause), but I have a feeling it may be a "watch for 15 minutes and realize I hate this" type thing. (On the other hand, I was convinced I was going to hate FNL last year before I saw it, so....yeah. But then it had had some really positive buzz already. I haven't heard anything about this.)

I haven't seen Pushing Daisies (I know it's not on yet, but the pilot has been around for quite a while in various places, apparently), but it's gotten really positive reviews; the only negative thing I've heard about it is that it's too twee for some people, but man, I've been to Disney World like 20 times and I still love it. I can take a hell of a lot of twee. And it has people from Wonderfalls involved, which is like 15 million points right there.

Reaper, I had very little knowledge of until basically this week. Before that, all I knew was that Kevin Smith was somehow involved, and that there were generally positive impressions, and that it was vaguely similar in tone to Chuck, but that was enough for me to give it a sample. After Chuck was mildly disappointing, I was looking forward to seeing if this one was any better (I can definitely see the comparisons, there are a fair number of similarities). And dude, I loved this. Instant season pass for me. I don't know why I love this so much more than Chuck, but I do. Seriously, check it out.
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In the finally-good-grief dept: Galactica won an Emmy. They only had to drop the fucking ship out of the sky to get it. <shakes head>
And FNL won one for casting. Also extremely well-deserved.
And Dick in a Box won too, which amuses me far too much.

Avatar lost (to South Park), which is very boo.

...I was going to say that concluded my interest in the Emmys, but apparently there are a few that I do still care about out (TDS/Colbert, and one more BSG nomination, plus The Office, a bit).

Devil Town

May. 11th, 2007 12:05 am
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YES!! <fist pump>

Dude, a full-season pickup? And a later timeslot? Wow, I know NBC likes the show, but damn, big thumbs up to them for being awesome. That is exactly what they need.
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So, 97's on Friday. Lots of fun.... )

Today I didn't do a whole lot. Went to work and did paperwork. Came back and had some BBQ with Sandra before returning to Tivoed Amazing Race and Drive. Thank you to Fox for the 2 hours of Nathan Fillion on my birthday. It was much appreciated. (Drive looks to be another fluffy exciting fun as hell show and is going to be perfect for me paired on Monday with Heroes which falls into the exact same category. Yay for more TV to fill up my Tivo.)
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BSG S3 finale... )
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Wow, Friday Night Lights is blowing me away. I wish more people were watching it. I didn't mind this week's BSG episode as much as a lot of people seemed to, but FNL's hitting the same subjects with such fabulous nuance. The show seriously just keeps getting better. And I still totally want that Crucifictorious t-shirt.

Those of you who are more up on this than me, it'd be safe to assume there'll be some FNL stuff in the auction at the benefit for Joe, right? I'm thinking about posting on some FNL boards/communities, but I'd feel a bit less silly wandering in and posting if I could tie the show into the benefit. (And/or, if anyone knows what he did on the show, that would work too.)


Oct. 24th, 2006 12:09 am
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S60 this week: better, still not quite there. I had managed to forget about the bimbos at the beginning (seriously, you may be writing from experience, but it's not believable to have someone repeatedly earnestly ask what a writer does), and was enjoying myself right up to the anvil at the end. Good lord man, I'm in love and can go through gallons of romance-related sap without ill effect, but that was just too much even for me.

Heroes: Probably the most amusing episode thus far. The scene with Hiro and Nathan was basically covered with Sandra and I giggling the whole time. (Particularly "BOOM!" "Shhh" "boom! ...boom!") The psychic cop subplot creeped me the hell out, even before he got out in public, which I don't think it was supposed to do. The big tagline ("Save the cheerleader...") is lame. I saw the bookending from a mile away.

BSG: Seriously, goddamn. Will be writing about later assuming I can find time.

Doctor Who: Didn't get to see it (Tivo lost Scifi when it was on for whatever reason, thankfully it picked up BSG!), but S2 has been acquired, so...

The Office: I hate shippers. Good lord. I can't read about this show without getting annoyed by "OMG! They TALKED <3!!! TheyaresototallyMFEO! Jam4Eva!" which is tinging my opinions on the whole Jim/Pam storyline. Related, but not Office-specific, not fond of the NBC promo monkeys. In the case of The Office, they seem to either be shippers or they're pandering to them. Gah. Shockingly enough, some of us watch the show because it's funny. It does the pathos and the romance well, but it's still funny.

Project Runway: I don't like Jeffrey much, but I liked his collection best. I think Uli might have most benefited from the win, but it doesn't sound like she's going to have a hard time finding work. Laura is probably already in position and with contacts to reach a lot of her clientele. Michael needs some experience, but I think after how well he did during the season, he also shouldn't have too hard of a time finding somewhere to go work. Jeffrey already has his own line, but I guess he can expand now...?

Friday Night Lights: Still loving. Apparently this week, they're doing the rivalry game and all the vandalism that ensues. I'm interested to see how they do that. It's on tomorrow, or if that's too busy, it's after Heroes next week, guys. Watch!
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Dear Aaron Sorkin,
Yes, I know you like to make good TV, and yes, I know that NBS NBC was good for committing to your show, and that I am indeed a discerning tastemaker and a fan of quality television. I am, however, already watching your show. Don't get me wrong, I love meta, but you don't need to use it to stroke my ego every week. There are other very good new shows on NBC this year, and they don't spend several minutes out of every episode telling me how much better I am/you are/the network is than everyone else for watching/making/airing them. I like your show. I like the characters, I like the concept, I was all dorky at the end of this last episode. But you are dangerously close to making me not like it. Fix it.
Tastemakerly yours,

Dear Heroes,
You're doing a decent job thus far, but I can see some continuity and character development issues creeping up on the side mirror that could cause me to make a quick ditch. If you keep an eye on them though, we should be good.
Riding along,
PS: Samurai swords are excellent accessories. Thumbs up.

Dear Friday Night Lights,
Please don't die. The more I think about you, the more I love you.
Wistfully shaking pom-poms,


Oct. 2nd, 2006 10:42 pm
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Okay, what the heck was the deal with this cropping up in Heroes about 5 times tonight? Pic and stuff... )
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Liked tonight's Studio 60 better than last week's (everything is better with a Pirates-no-not-that-one parody), which is good because I wasn't sure if it was going to get dropped eventually due to my overly busy TV-watching schedule. Still liked Heroes okay (I saw the pilot...uh, a while ago), but it has the potential for both good and awful in it, and I'm not sure which way it'll end up going. We'll see. I was amused at how verdant "Odessa" became for TV. (And I bet a lot of you thought it looked dry. ;))

I had about 20 packets of Arby's sauce lying around on my kitchen table, and for whatever reason, I got it in my head some time ago that it would make an interesting marinade (hey, it's vinegary, it should work, right?). Tonight we ended up trying it out. Sandra loaded up 3 chicken breasts and 8 packets of Arby's sauce, and we busted out the old George Foreman, and.... it turned out rather well.

This weekend was fun. Sandra and Amy had a couple of tickets to the football game (Amy had decided not to go), and so I thought about it for a bit. (I neglected to mention this, but two weeks ago, I accompanied the estimable [ profile] stevenharper-no-not-that-one to the football game against "U La-La" (University of Louisiana - Lafayette), which was fun.) But since I had gone to a football game already, I had kind of gotten out of my antsiness of wanting to see what they'd done to the stadium and all. Friday, had dinner with Amy, Shane, and Sandra and watched TV and things, and Sandra and I decided that we'd probably skip out on the game. We tried to give Enos our tickets, but he was "sick" or somesuch. Saturday, Sandra and I decided to watch some TV and go shopping. We hit Red Lobster, and then the shopping center, which meant that I ended up with books from B&N, a $2 case for my ipod from work, and a 120 GB HD from Best Buy (yeah, I know, probably not the cheapest, but it was cheap enough, it's here, and it's bigger than both my current drives combined). Then we noticed the giant thunderstorm brewing outside and hightailed it back to Sandra's to finish watching BSG (and other stuff). Halfway through Lay Down Your Burdens P1 (at about 6:15), it started pouring and lightning like crazy. We were rather glad we didn't go to the game. (Not least because they only resumed play around 8. They were still running buses back to the mall at 1 AM when I drove home!)

Sandra is all caught up on BSG now. Hooray! I have someone to geek out at it with! :)
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I liked Studio 60, but I honestly think it would have been much better if after Felicty Huffman chatted with the producer, she went, "Hell, I can do this!" and then we go off to follow her producing her own live TV show. Maybe something about sports.

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TAR! )

TV Time!

Sep. 17th, 2006 03:15 pm
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Been hanging out with Sandra a lot lately, clearing things off of the Tivo. We got caught up with Eureka and are currently going through S2 of BSG. (Yay, I will have someone here to geek out about S3 with!) We just stopped at the end of Res Ship P2 yesterday, which means I've been kind of listening to "Roslin and Adama" from the soundtrack on repeat today. <sniffles> I had forgotten how awesome that was. I'm finding I'm liking a lot of the episodes that I wasn't totally in love with better this time around, I haven't seen a lot of them since they aired, and I haven't gotten to watch much of the show lately until I dragged Sandra (and Amy a bit) through it, so this time I've just been happy as hell to see everyone again, and I've just been letting the show carry me along.

I honestly don't think I watch much TV, but I sure have a full viewing schedule:
Sun - Amazing Race (starts tonight, hooray!)
Mon - Studio 60 and Heroes (we'll see whether I stick with those or not, but I miss Sports Night, and I'm a sucker for origin stories.)
Tue - Eureka (although I think there's a season break coming up here in a couple of weeks)
Wed - Project Runway (which is also almost done, but not quite)
Thu - The Office!
Fri - BSG! and Who!
And then there's Daily Show/Colbert Mon-Thu, and for anytime viewing, a few episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Mythbusters, Good Eats, What Not To Wear, Austin City Limits, and for a little bit at least, some of the repeats of the beginning of Scrubs on Comedy Central. Oh, and Psych when it starts back up. And for a completely different tone, Frontline.

Um. This is why I needed some sort of a DVR.
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Aw. YouTube, you suck. I was going to link you guys to Josh Ritter's (adorable!) performance on Conan on Friday night (I would have pointed it out then, but I didn't know it was happening until about 10 mintues beforehand), but the copyrightnistas got to it today. I knew I should have updated this weekend!

If you like the US Office, you may enjoy this.

So I keep about 4 presets on my FM stations, the Point, a local Mix station for when the Point doesn't want to come in/is on commercials, NPR for the occasional classical fix, and a blank station for the ipod. Every time I have switched to the Mix station in the last week or two, it has at some point played "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree.". I like the song okay and all, and the girl can manage her loop pedals apparently, as Google showed me whenever I tried to figure out what song it was at lunchtime today, right before I got into my car, where it was on the radio AGAIN. Seriously.
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Well, that's nicely freaky looking. It's raining right now, and supposedly a bigger storm front is on its way, and at the same time, the sun is setting. So it's pinky purpley gray outside my window right now. (Well, or it was whenever I started writing this, anyway.)

I discovered today that there's a new yarn store about 10 minutes from my parents' house in Katy. Score! (Not like I need any new yarn, I haven't been knitting enough lately, and I've got plenty of yarn for the projects I've got already, but it's always fun to look. ;))

Expensive purchase of the month for July was a Tivo. I've been missing having a DVR for some time, but basically the options were to get a Dish or to get a Tivo, which would require getting either a phone line or some non-apartment internet. So I held off on it. Then I got both a phone line and non-apartment internet, and I remembered a Tivo was now an option.
I actually got it a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't mentioned it on here, partially because I wanted to see how long it would take Amy to notice it the next time she got over here...which unexpectedly wasn't until this Friday. (Answer: about 10 minutes, which was when the Good Eats I had recorded ended.) I like it fairly well. I sprang for the dual-tuner one, which is much more useful than I would expect even given the small amount of TV I ususally watch (I could have gotten the single-tuner one for free, but I would have had to buy a wireless or ethernet connector for it, and I thought an extra $50 or so for an extra tuner was justifiable).

It's kind of interesting to use Tivo after using another DVR. The Dish DVR is, as you would expect, focused on letting you watch TV, and if you want, you can record stuff too. Tivo, on the other hand, emphasizes making sure that something you want to watch is always available, and if you want, you can also just watch whatever's on now. I'm not sure which approach I prefer, honestly. I certainly appreciate Tivo's much better scheduling (Dish just lets you record a timeslot. Your show's on at a different time? Hope you noticed that, cause it's not going to find out for you!), and the Tivo Suggests is pretty cool (it's a bit hit and miss at this point, but it did pick up the first episode of "Dead Like Me," which I'd definitely wanted to see but didn't realize was starting to air on Scifi, so that's a big point for it), but I think Dish does a heck of a lot better at the TV watching aspect. Tivo's info box is *giant* and appears even when you've selected a show off of the guide, which contains basically all the same information, so you clearly already knew what episode and show it is and all. Plus, the guide is a lot slower than Dish's. I appreciate the option on Tivo to look at the channel-by-channel listings as opposed to the grid, particularly for going far into the future, but I wish it was easier to switch between the two. And I wish on the Tivo there was an option like Dish's "tune to this channel at this time," since there are some things I want to see, but I don't really need to record them.

My apartment doesn't smell like paint any more, but I still have no idea why exactly that happened.


Jul. 17th, 2006 12:27 am
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Um, so. Long time no LJ anything substantial. Shame on me.
Work is massively compressing my time. I can't believe it's mid-July already.

I'm experimenting a bit with new food (particularly with things I can pack for lunch) in order to help me lose the couple of pounds that have jumped on (and also because I just need to practice cooking more things), which tonight included my first attempt at tofu. Well, the tofu part turned out just fine, but the marinade I used (and the subsequent sauce) was wayyyy too spicy and garlicky. Phew. Tsk tsk, Alton. Next time I leave out (or at the very least majorly cut down) the serrano and the minced garlic.

My parents are all moved down and everything to Katy. We went down a couple of weekends ago (and then again on the 4th), and hung out and played with dogs and did things, which was fun. Saw Superman Returns, which was also fun. I may go down there again next weekend to play with their new computer and go see Pirates with my dad since I haven't yet.

I've got my wireless router behaving finally, so for the one of you that has this (and I guess if anyone else ends up getting it) my friend code for Animal Crossing is 2448-8552-6151, and I'm Seas in Zabee. Let me know if you add me to your list.

Speaking of the DS, I just knitted the most ugly-ass, ill-fitting cozy ever for it, after I noticed it getting a scuff or two on the spine. I made it out of some navy ("Winter Night") Wool of the Andes, which I thought was going to shrink a lot more than it did when I felted it. As it is, it's more graphing calculator-sized than it is DS Lite-sized. Whoops. All it needs now is some dorky embroidered flowers. I'll have to see whether I can pull that off. (Judging by the way this came out, I think I may try a slightly bigger clutch-y type thing for taking to work in my messenger bag if I get a chance with the other two skeins I have.)

Things I found amusing when watching TV this weekend:
-I completely didn't notice the Cylon Bloo the first time I saw that episode of Foster's (although I noticed Kevin McDonald's voice in the first short and I think I even LJed about it).
-The sidekick on Psych is named Burton Guster.


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