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WHAAAAAAAAA. Honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed how sad this is making me. And I knew it was coming too. But seriously. I have ridden Star Tours for the last time. :((((
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Okay, I'm at work and all that, yes....

On my way in this morning though, they had Sledgehammer on the radio, which made me giggle way too much. I was going to mention it in here, but it'd be a joke that probably only my family would get. See, there are big gaps in my 80's music knowledge because I listened to oldies and then promptly switched to mid-90's stuff. So I know Sledgehammer best from this show that used to be at Epcot called "Food Rocks." It was a fairly low-budget (for Disney) "rock concert" about nutrition. With well-known songs that have had most of their lyrics changed to be about various food groups. Nearly all of which were sung by the original artists. Seriously. It went over like a lead balloon. I don't think the theater was ever full.

My family loved it. We went to it every time we went to Epcot. But given that my family seem to be the only ones who went to it, I figured nobody else would get it.

And then I found the full lyrics. (Bonus: the next song is sung to the tune of "Wild Thing". No, not that one.)
And pictures of the different groups (including "Pita Gabriel").

I hope you can see why I was so giggly.
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So, Jerry and I are going off to Florida on Saturday. It was kind of sneaking up on me until about last weekend, when I started looking up park hours and thinking about plans and all that. By now, I'm pretty much totally geeked.

It'll be pretty busy (but then, I'm sort of used to going in June, so it won't be that bad, hopefully), and a lot of the restaurants are booked up because Disney's started doing this thing where you can add a dining plan that includes a sit-down dinner every day (apparently Le Cellier is booked solid for the week we're going to be there, so no cheese soup for me this time around), and Pirates is going to be closed (they're modifying it to add in movie stuff <frowns>), but I'm still geeked.

I've even got out my two burned park music CDs, which are full of all sorts of crazy stuff from my parents' (extensive) Disney CDs as well as stuff from these kiosks they used to have several years ago where you could get absolutely insane amounts of ride tracks, parade music, and miscellaneous park noises (for the low, low price of $20 for 10 tracks, but still). And I have an old tape on the computer (which I converted to CD for my mom) that has stuff like music from Horizons and the Kitchen Kabaret. So I've been going through stuff ranging from the loading music for the old World of Motion ("It's Fun to Be Free" on kazoos!), the full parade music for Epcot, the music from Sorcery in the Sky (the fireworks they had at MGM before they got Fantasmic), "How Do You Do?" from Splash Mountain, and the entryway music for Space Mountain, as well as the regular stuff like Grim Grinning Ghosts, Baroque Hoedown, and so on.

And yeah, icon. "Apricot Center" comes from when I was small and we went to WDW, and Epcot became Apricot because apricot is a word, and why would they call it something that wasn't a word? And I talked about Apricot Center a fair amount because Epcot is awesome. Plus, that was where Figment lived, and Figment is also awesome.
The subheading was something that seemed amusing when I was making up the icon. ;)


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