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Apparently getting a bunch of new yarn at the exact same time I've started to want to pick up the needles after a month or so of not getting much knitting done has completely short-circuited my decision-making skills.

In addition to the Colourmart stuff, there was a tent sale at the store here, and I ended up filling a small bag with 8 balls of fingering wool in green, burnt orange, and yellow, a ball of sock yarn, and a couple of random balls of cashmerino chunky in a dusty blue... for $40. Woo sale!

The wool I picked up at the tent sale is going to be an awesome sweater vest and probably my first foray into either fair isle or some other sort of colorwork, but I'm patternless at the moment so I can't get started until a book from the library comes in, and while I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty much making up my own pattern, I don't want to fly entirely by the seat of my pants.

Which adds up to me spending today and yesterday casting on and knitting like 5 rows of various scarf patterns in various yarns before deciding better of it (aka reminding myself that DEAR GOD HOW MANY SCARVES DO YOU NEED, WOMAN, YOU CAN'T GET RID OF THE ONES YOU HAVE), and when I try to think of anything else to make, my brain goes off in about 10 directions at once. (And of course, my current reaction to all of the projects I already have on the needles is "but I don' wanna knit that". <facepalm>)
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Those of you that do yarny things may have heard of Colourmart. (Those of you that hadn't heard of them before will be yelling at me for introducing you to the site once you take a look around there. ;))
After several years of drooling and then trying to forget about the site, a couple months ago I finally made my first order -- 1200 yards of linen. Well, the yarn arrived, but it turned out to be 1200 yards of wool/silk (which would actually have cost me several dollars more if I had ordered it). And then they told everyone that had had the mixup they'd send out the linen proper for free when it arrived (score!) and gave us regular updates on its progress (it was a bit of a saga). It finally arrived this week (with many more yards in a lighter weight). It's so shiny... I didn't think linen was shiny like this. If I hadn't felt it, I'd have guessed it was silk, that's how shiny it is.

Both yarns I ended up getting are both a pretty ecru shade off the cone, so they're dyeable. I made a Summer Lace Shawlette (pattern here) out of the wool/silk. And when the linen arrived, it was just in time for me to still be all pondering the newest Knitty... which means I'm probably making one of these. Now, I don't really need two similar garments in the exact same color, so I decided to experiment a bit with tea dyeing on the linen.

I knit up a swatchcloth (swatch for sizing, later to be used as a washcloth since linen is good for that sort of thing), then set the kettle boiling, grabbed 6 of the old teabags Jerry's had around for ages, and brewed up a really strong saucepan full of tea. After about 15 minutes, I fished out the teabags, plopped in the swatchcloth, and waited impatiently. After about 30 minutes, I checked on it, and...well... mostly, it looked dirty. <sigh> I decided to leave it in for another 20 minutes just to see if it would get any better or if that was the extent of the dyeing.

Half an hour later, I fished it out, and it is now this absolutely fucking gorgeous pink-y brown-y tan. (And it's still so shiny!)

TL;DR: Colourmart and tea dyeing: highly approved.


Sep. 12th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Dammit. UPS and/or Canada customs are holding two boxes of my stuff hostage. They have my YARN.

This must be resolved soon.


Jul. 30th, 2006 11:35 pm
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Went down to Katy briefly this weekend, which was fun. Went by Yarntopia, which was pretty awesome. I didn't get a whole lot of time to look, cause I was with my parents and we were all pretty hungry, plus they had a class going, but they had lots of soft pretty yarns that I haven't ever seen in person before. I was good and didn't buy anything, but now I want cashmere. Or a cashmere blend even. I'm not picky. I suppose I should finish up Jerry's scarf and Josephine and we'll see how late in the year that takes me. ;)

Today I saw Pirates 2 with my dad. I didn't like it as much as the first one, but it did have people in fun costumes having swordfights and running around on boats and making jokes, so thumbs up from me.


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