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So, finally got around to listening to All in Good Time today while riding with Jerry on the way to Windsor. I just finished listening to it again for a second time while writing this up, so here we go with the blah blah blah. )
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So I sit down at the computer fresh from ignoring Jindal's folksy act and ready to catch up on all the not-SOTU liveblogs that I know are finished and kicking around on my RSS feeds and on Twitter.

And then I get blindsided.

I'm...not as up on the gossip as a lot of people. And maybe I'm just oblivious. But there was nowhere in my mind that this was even a possibility.

Just.... Fuck.
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WaPo's The Fix blog:
Canada's Best: In honor of the president's trip to our neighbor to the north, we offer the Fix list of the best things about Canada: Steve Nash, John Candy, all of the "Kids in the Hall," Rachel McAdams, Wayne Gretzky, the Canadian national anthem, Mike Myers, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Arcade Fire, Joshua Jackson (he'll always be Pacey Witter to me and Mrs. Fix), "Dead or Canadian?" and Alex Trebek. The worst thing about Canada? That's easy: the Bare Naked Ladies.

"Oh lord"

Dec. 6th, 2008 11:44 pm
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BNL at Massey Hall. It was my first time being there, and it was a pretty awesome show for the most part. We were a little bit farther back than most of the fanclub people (row I, so 10 or so back, I would assume), and we got in a little bit late because the merch stand didn't accept credit cards (wtf) and we had to go get cash from an ATM across the way... so we were mostly antisocial. We waved at a couple of you guys who were there, but that was about it. Pretty good setlist (other people will post the actual thing in a day or so at the latest -- the ones that stick in my mind as more unusual were Tonight is the Night and In the Car/I'll Be That Girl), everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood, amusing banter, etc.


To the numerous and/or extremely vocal people sitting in the area behind us who were yelling and/or whispering loudly for people to sit down and clapping whenever they happened to (to the point where it may be audible on the bootleg when Ed starts "Snowman" because a lot of people sat down at that point):

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Okay, half my friends list is guaranteed to giggle madly at this:
(I particularly like this article.)
(And the color scheme is totally E2E. I can practically hear the Shopping.)

Even better, it's apparently a viral site for Wall-E (the next Pixar movie).

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BNL show: very awesome. Also very cold. (High yesterday in College Station: 87. Temp at outdoor concert in Austin tonight: ~45 and quite likely lower than that. I knew it was going to be colder today, but dang. I was very glad I decided to bring along a hat at the last minute.)

Definitely the best banter I've gotten to see personally. The day off beforehand seemed pretty evident in the energy level. I laughed so much at Steve spending large chunks of time being incredulous about the shopping center because I actually missed the turn into the Backyard since I was like, "Oh, that can't be it, all that's by the Backyard is that gas station with a Subway." (Last time we went, that was honestly the only identifiable feature of the area, which was kind of annoying, but also kind of cool, cause that was sort of the whole thing with the "backyard" aspect. Now, you walk out of the venue and the first thing you see is a Best Buy. And there was absolutely not even a hint of any of this being built at all the last time they played there.) Kevin started singing Day-O before... Unfinished, I think. The first Million Dollars banter was really long and ended up with some really horrible puns. And Ty enjoyed pandering to the local crowd with the rock horns.

And we got Some Fantastic and A and Grade 9 and acoustic LIAN (with bongos!) and a really good When I Fall. (We also got Baby Seat and Shoebox, which I was less excited about, but the other songs made up for them.) Nothing as surprising as The Flag last time around, but very excellent stuff.

The Backyard, in addition to now being in the middle of a shopping center, is a lot smaller than I remember it being, and the rows and the seats were way too narrow, which was not so nice, and I ended up having to do the old Kyle Field thing of standing sort of sideways.
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So, um, still alive. I keep starting LJ entries, and I keep thinking about things that would make good entries, but none of them are getting posted. We're changing this.

BLAM is out today. I just unwrapped my copy, and holy crap, I love the artwork. Love love love. And I still love the album a whole damn lot. Most of my initial impressions still hold, except I think I just like everything more than I did then. I seem to be somewhat unusual in this, but I think it's passed Maroon to be my new favorite BNL album. Yeah, it's more downbeat than their other ones, and yeah, that makes BLAMen kind of crazy hyper in places, but I don't care, because I like BLAM so fucking much.

My opinion hasn't really changed at all on BLAMen, mostly because I keep listening to BLAM instead. Maybe by January I'll be ready to absorb the rest of it properly. ;)

No Houston show on the 10th makes me sad. And it means the logistics for Austin are going to be interesting, given we'll have me and Jerry from here. Amy and Sandra may come, but they are likely to also attend a football game here in College Station which starts at 1...the concert starts at 7:30, and it takes probably about 2 hours to get to the Backyard from here. Also in attendance will be Amy nee-T, who will be coming from San Antonio, and who I'd like to, you know, get to hang out with a bit since I haven't seen her in forever. Also, Amy and Sandra don't have tickets yet. Also also, if Amy and Sandra do come, we might have to find lodgings in Austin. Somewhere. I don't think there are any particularly near the Backyard.

I had lots of ranting in here before yesterday which I decided not to post. I probably would have ranted had I been watching TV live last night or if I'd watched the news, instead, I just watched the Today show rerun on MSNBC, then turned it off while they were all still wondering whether or not it was a bomb at the Pentagon, and listened to "Take It Back" about 3 times on my way in to work. It fit.

....And to keep this entry from being entirely related to Barenaked Ladies (seriously, I have other things to talk about, this is just what seems to be getting in here lately), I set up a new Windows machine for myself at work, and found a gorgeous combo of litestep theme and visual style (yeah, vista-y, and, yes, I am a giant sucker for eye candy...but it's so pretty). I don't normally like dark themes, and the LS theme is set up somewhat different than I'm used to, we'll see how this one sticks.
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Okay, so, BLAMen thoughts.... )


Sep. 2nd, 2006 01:12 pm
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BLAM Deluxe is leaked for purchase on iTunes.
...Dang it, I am so so weak when it comes to this band. (Although this time my weakness is tempered a bit by the knowledge that I can now un-DRM them, so I can actually listen to them in Ubuntu without having to re-encode. Hooray!)
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Hee, I guess this is the week for BNL news for me to be excited about.
BNL @ The Backyard in Austin, 11/11
(Likely there will also be Houston and Dallas stops around there, but the dates haven't been announced yet.)


ETA: In case those of you who may not be up on all this and are interested in attending (any of the BNL shows, not just Austin), you may want to join the Ladies Room (which is now free) to get in on the fan club presale. They're not as good of seats as the old LR probably, but they're generally cheaper.
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Album thoughts... )

*One concern: I don't think my credit card got charged and I don't think my song credits actually got used on iTunes. So, um. Feeling kinda guilty now. (Even though I'm going to be buying this at least two more times, for the deluxe edition and a hard copy.) I'd totally be willing to paypal you $5 or $10 if you want, guys....
ETA: Yeah, it went through. It didn't take my song credits, but I got charged the $10.81 for it.
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Okay, this is where being up too late and having 5 ITMS credits pays off. Hooray driving music for this weekend!

ETA: Link! (for however long it lasts)
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To start out with, hahahahahahaha.

In other news, Jerry arrived on Thursday, and left yesterday. It was really really really nice to have him around, and I miss him terribly already.
On Thursday evening, we went to Olive Garden and then leaned on each other for a while. Friday was relatively uneventful; we stayed in the apartment for most of the day because the satellite was finally getting installed. We went to Freebirds for dinner and then went to Target for a bit.
Saturday was fun because we decided to check out the new ice rink that just opened here, the only one within probably an hour of College Station. I managed to not fall too much, but that's really only because Jerry happened to be there to catch me a lot of the time. As it is, I have bruised knees, but I did have a good time. Afterwards, we wandered around Best Buy for a bit and later went to Gina's for dinner, where we had very tasty fajitas and Jerry had nachos, and I mocked him as he sadly surveyed at the last drops of cheesy goodness left after the chips had been finished. <g>
Sunday, we went to Austin, and had lunch with Cherish and a friend of hers from work. Amy T. was supposed to join us but was delayed by car troubles. As it was, it was fun to get to see Cherish finally. After lunch, we wandered over to Book People, where, amazingly enough, neither of us bought anything, and to Waterloo Records where, absolutely unamazingly at all, both of us walked out with a few CDs. And then we went to Fry's (well, sort of. I know I've been to Austin too many times when I'm telling Jerry that every exit off of Mopac is the exit for Fry's because all of the street names sound familiar, and I know I haven't been to Fry's in too long when I can't look at the buildings around the exit and be sure that we're not at the right one), and when we finally got there, we basked in the geeky glow for a while. We returned to College Station, watched the Nascar race in fast-forward (yay for DVR) and did some more leaning.
And on Monday, Jerry left, after brunch at IHOP and requisite photo-taking (it's an Aggie tradition ;)) and me trying not to lose it too bad at the airport. And then that afternoon, I caught up on things online, watched the little planes on the map go from here to Houston and then up to Toronto, and tried to distract myself from the fact that he wasn't going to be sitting in the living room waiting for me to finish up in here.

Today was class, which was relatively uneventful, and this afternoon, I did a bit of napping and some homework.

I need to get up there. Soon.


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