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... Okay, first off, LJ has changed up its "Update Journal" page. It's all....AJAXy. (Well, not entirely, but it sure looks different.)

First off, thanks to Toys R Us for having a great sale and letting me get Final Fantasy 3 as well as a cheapo (but slightly better fitting than my homemade) DS sock for $20. I had been curious about it, having played a couple of the earlier FFs on my computer (and enjoyed them, at least until I lost track of where I was on the walkthrough), but then I kept seeing people saying variations on "It's gorgeous, but you have to like RPGs" and so on, which made me wary about spending $40 on it. $20 is much more my speed though. I've only played a little bit of it, but it looks like it'll be a great plane game.

I'm up to the last song on Hard in Elite Beat Agents, which remains delightfully cracktastic. (Why yes, my icon is the lady from the Mona Lisa being chased by bulls. It's even more random in context, if you can believe it.) I haven't been playing the DS all that much lately though, focusing more on...

Final Fantasy 12. Which, I'd been pretty curious about the newer FFs but I'd heard mixed reviews on the ones I could easily find. I'd heard some good things about this one, and then Sandra went to get it for her brother while I was along, and... *impulse buy*. It's awesomely fun. The storyline is very Star Wars (original)-ish -- mostly situational similarities. (Some random kid teams up with a sky pirate and his non-human cohort and they go rescue the princess... There are a few other extra people involved, no Obi Wan, and the Chewy analogue is a chick with bunny ears who has decided to run around with/shack up with the sky pirate, so. Not exactly the same. And considering we rescued the princess, oh, about 20 hours in, and I'm at 80, there's obviously plotline beyond that.)
Anyway, all that matters is Balthier, like Han Solo, is awesome.
And computer geekiness showing through, but I love the gambit system. (The gambit system basically lets you set up If-Then statements for each member of your party, eg "If HP < 50%, Cure. If Enemy Visible, Attack.") It's something that I would probably have been begging for if it hadn't had it. It's so nice to be able to run up to even fairly powerful enemies and only have to stop and make adjustments periodically instead of having to go through each person and go "Attack. <point at enemy>" every turn. I just wish NOT was available (and that I had more gambits for Self, although I think I get those later).

Lest you think I've gone all RPG on you, I'm also falling for this advent calendar flash game-ad-thing on the Nintendo Europe website. They're opening up a level each day. It's ADORABLE. And also surprisingly hard (but then I suck at platformers, even though I love them). Also also, I *really* like the music for it. But that may be because it sounds like Epcot music. ;)
Plus, the ad content is actually not terribly sucky; I just got an MP3 of the theme from Animal Crossing. (My poor neglected snowy town. I need to make snowmen. And weed.)
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I haven't been playing my DS tons and tons lately (my poor weedy town in Animal Crossing :(), but I went ahead and picked up Elite Beat Agents after work yesterday. It is, as expected, delightfully crack-filled. Blathering about videogames )


Jul. 17th, 2006 12:27 am
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Um, so. Long time no LJ anything substantial. Shame on me.
Work is massively compressing my time. I can't believe it's mid-July already.

I'm experimenting a bit with new food (particularly with things I can pack for lunch) in order to help me lose the couple of pounds that have jumped on (and also because I just need to practice cooking more things), which tonight included my first attempt at tofu. Well, the tofu part turned out just fine, but the marinade I used (and the subsequent sauce) was wayyyy too spicy and garlicky. Phew. Tsk tsk, Alton. Next time I leave out (or at the very least majorly cut down) the serrano and the minced garlic.

My parents are all moved down and everything to Katy. We went down a couple of weekends ago (and then again on the 4th), and hung out and played with dogs and did things, which was fun. Saw Superman Returns, which was also fun. I may go down there again next weekend to play with their new computer and go see Pirates with my dad since I haven't yet.

I've got my wireless router behaving finally, so for the one of you that has this (and I guess if anyone else ends up getting it) my friend code for Animal Crossing is 2448-8552-6151, and I'm Seas in Zabee. Let me know if you add me to your list.

Speaking of the DS, I just knitted the most ugly-ass, ill-fitting cozy ever for it, after I noticed it getting a scuff or two on the spine. I made it out of some navy ("Winter Night") Wool of the Andes, which I thought was going to shrink a lot more than it did when I felted it. As it is, it's more graphing calculator-sized than it is DS Lite-sized. Whoops. All it needs now is some dorky embroidered flowers. I'll have to see whether I can pull that off. (Judging by the way this came out, I think I may try a slightly bigger clutch-y type thing for taking to work in my messenger bag if I get a chance with the other two skeins I have.)

Things I found amusing when watching TV this weekend:
-I completely didn't notice the Cylon Bloo the first time I saw that episode of Foster's (although I noticed Kevin McDonald's voice in the first short and I think I even LJed about it).
-The sidekick on Psych is named Burton Guster.
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Hooray, I finally got my DSL! After ordering it on June 3rd. And I had to go get the modem from UPS since they didn't tell them my apartment number. Thanks, Verizon! (To be fair, they did get my phone set up pretty much right away, but it shouldn't take that long to get the DSL set up.)

But, it's actually connected and not rediculously slow and it doesn't kick me off for opening a torrent and that's good.

I also got upgraded to the latest Ubuntu on here, which I had been meaning to do, but hadn't gotten around to here until this weekend, since I wanted to do a (mostly) fresh install. It was fairly straightforward, and EasyUbuntu is awesome (I never got all the codecs working properly last time), and it's all nice and shiny now, and pretty much set up exactly like I like it.

For some reason I never put together Wengophone and Wingophone. I know they're not related, but I am going to giggle every time I pull open my "Internet" menu. ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I made my crazy purchase of the month: a DS Lite. I'd kind of been coveting a couple of the games, and the thing is just so damn shiny. I spent the week before it came out trying to talk myself out of it (nobody else I know has one, I hardly play the PS2 I have already, and I *like* those games, etc), and I thought I had succeeded....
But then I found myself mysteriously at Best Buy on launch day. Oops.

Stereotypically enough, the games I have right now are Brain Age, Nintendogs, and Animal Crossing.

Brain Age is very... Japanese. And it includes speed-based arithmetic, which I hate. But I'm playing it every day, if just to get my stamp. Don't want to let Dr. Kawashima down, you know.

Nintendogs is basically a metric ton of cute condensed into an inch-and-a-half-square cartridge. Particularly given that a Corgi is an available breed, and even more a tri-colored Corgi is available, and the game designers clearly watched Corgis because it does the exact same thing as Holly if you throw it a ball (dash madly towards you when she sees you have it, watch as you move the ball around, dash madly after the ball, take the ball off to some random location to shake/chew on it, look at you quizically when you call them back)..... Yeah, there's a lot of "EEEEESOADORABLEANDCUTE!!!" going on. Although honestly, there's only so much of that I can take even from myself, so I haven't played it a whole ton.

The one I've played most is Animal Crossing, which is also a very strange (but also adorable and fun) game. I spent an hour or two today fishing, because it was raining in my town, and I wanted to see if I could catch a coelacanth since I hadn't before. I also almost accidentally caught a shark or something along those lines, but it got away. Twice. Whoops. (Blathers was happy to take my coelacanth when I finally caught it. I would have been tempted to sell it, but I just finished paying off my mortgage, so I'm okay for money.... At least until tomorrow, when Nook the Extortionist finishes my expansion and I get a new and improved mortgage.)
I don't suppose any of you have the game? I'd like to try out the Wifi at some point.


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