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It snowed a bit today. (A bit = a couple of inches over the tops of my snow boots.)
It was also a tad windy. (A tad = the flag under our front window blew away.)

And we get to do it all over again on Sunday and Tuesday/Wednesday!

.......Can we get on the boat yet?
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From our current Special Weather Statement:

..Could this be snow-mageddon?..

Mother nature from time to time will line up a near perfect set of 
conditions that generate a series of significant events.  That time 
appears to be the coming week or so for many portions of southern 
Ontario in the form of snow storms.  There appears to the right 
balance of sufficiently cold air in place, with Arctic highs to the 
north and a storm track along the lower Great Lakes.  The term 
'snow-mageddon' is not meant to alarm anyone or make light of the 
situation, but to highlight the cumulative effects and impacts that a 
series of snow storms can have on a wide region.

Er.... If you have to walk back something less than a paragraph after you first say it, maaaaaaaybe it shouldn't be in there in the first place?

Tut... D:

Aug. 4th, 2008 12:35 pm
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So.... this is the forecast for my parents' for the next couple of days.

What they're likely to get out of it is mostly a bunch of rain and some wind, but I think that forecast pretty much falls into DO NOT WANT category.


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